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  • Just plotted out my W/KG

    Now I’m currently 5kg over what I like to be, basically where I feel healthiest. If I was 5kg less I’d be bang on the money for 4.3wkg do I train for a higher ftp at this weight or have less Coca Cola.

    All of this is tongue in cheek but it’s great to see results and peaking just in time for -5 and snow.

  • Eat well and consistent training... does it have to be one or the other?

  • It’s not a serious question.

  • Tbf I find controlling my diet particularly hard as my training ramps up. sugar cravings are my downfall, and don't seem to be diminished if I up my protein intake

  • peaking just in time for -5 and snow.

    CX dreams

  • Think there’s two? More races here then it’s done anyway.

  • You need it to warm up more to make mud.

  • The fact TrainerRoad doesn’t have Apple Watch integration yet is horrific

  • Horrific 😂

  • The fact they won’t let you display power as a percentage of FTP in workouts, despite talking about it that way on the podcast and in guides / workout text is, frankly, unconscionable.

  • Heart rate monitor straps are always so cold.

    I stand by my statement.

  • Felt shit today for my plan.

    Did what I could and selected “sick”

    No adaptions. Really good function.

  • I’m sure I’m missing sarcasm or something again, but isn’t that the result you’d want?

    Sickness should be a temporary dip in performance, maybe if the next workout is also compromised I’d want an adaptation but I wouldn’t want TR to alter my plan on a one-off event.

    I’d guess things like “intensity” as a response would reduce future intensity, but “sleep” or “nutrition” are things to fix outside of training.

  • No I’m saying it’s really good. I’ll probably be fine by Monday so don’t need a change.

  • 👍🏻

  • I had a cold and just skipped workouts until I felt better then did TrainNow short stuff until I felt like recalculating the plan. Adaptions seem to be a change of one or two workouts in 2 weeks time, most times mine changes. Not sure if it makes any difference to be honest. I use them more as a "you should do something today" rather than a be all and end all plan.

  • Yeah I have the mental strength of a toddler on sugar. I need structure and need to stick to it or it’ll be January I’ve done two sessions. Always jealous of those who can be like you.

  • those who can be like you.

    "Slightly" bonkers? It has positives and negatives.

  • Indeed. I can only have that obsession once started I’ll gladly do any ridiculous physical boundary pushing once started.

    But starting. Blehhhh.

    Anyway I’m still sick so taking some time off.

  • I'm still not 100% from my cold and it has been 2 weeks. It didn't help that we did a 300+ overnighter when we both had colds kicking in. I've found over the years that it's better to just not ride or ride VERY easy when I feel like shit, otherwise, like in this case, the cold lingers longer.

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