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  • Just plotted out my W/KG

    Now I’m currently 5kg over what I like to be, basically where I feel healthiest. If I was 5kg less I’d be bang on the money for 4.3wkg do I train for a higher ftp at this weight or have less Coca Cola.

    All of this is tongue in cheek but it’s great to see results and peaking just in time for -5 and snow.

  • Eat well and consistent training... does it have to be one or the other?

  • It’s not a serious question.

  • Tbf I find controlling my diet particularly hard as my training ramps up. sugar cravings are my downfall, and don't seem to be diminished if I up my protein intake

  • peaking just in time for -5 and snow.

    CX dreams

  • Think there’s two? More races here then it’s done anyway.

  • You need it to warm up more to make mud.

  • The fact TrainerRoad doesn’t have Apple Watch integration yet is horrific

  • Horrific 😂

  • The fact they won’t let you display power as a percentage of FTP in workouts, despite talking about it that way on the podcast and in guides / workout text is, frankly, unconscionable.

  • Heart rate monitor straps are always so cold.

    I stand by my statement.

  • Felt shit today for my plan.

    Did what I could and selected “sick”

    No adaptions. Really good function.

  • I’m sure I’m missing sarcasm or something again, but isn’t that the result you’d want?

    Sickness should be a temporary dip in performance, maybe if the next workout is also compromised I’d want an adaptation but I wouldn’t want TR to alter my plan on a one-off event.

    I’d guess things like “intensity” as a response would reduce future intensity, but “sleep” or “nutrition” are things to fix outside of training.

  • No I’m saying it’s really good. I’ll probably be fine by Monday so don’t need a change.

  • 👍🏻

  • I had a cold and just skipped workouts until I felt better then did TrainNow short stuff until I felt like recalculating the plan. Adaptions seem to be a change of one or two workouts in 2 weeks time, most times mine changes. Not sure if it makes any difference to be honest. I use them more as a "you should do something today" rather than a be all and end all plan.

  • Yeah I have the mental strength of a toddler on sugar. I need structure and need to stick to it or it’ll be January I’ve done two sessions. Always jealous of those who can be like you.

  • those who can be like you.

    "Slightly" bonkers? It has positives and negatives.

  • Indeed. I can only have that obsession once started I’ll gladly do any ridiculous physical boundary pushing once started.

    But starting. Blehhhh.

    Anyway I’m still sick so taking some time off.

  • I'm still not 100% from my cold and it has been 2 weeks. It didn't help that we did a 300+ overnighter when we both had colds kicking in. I've found over the years that it's better to just not ride or ride VERY easy when I feel like shit, otherwise, like in this case, the cold lingers longer.

  • So, do we trust this AI FTP thing?

  • Yes, see below as an example. Feel free to do the same, Ai test then do a ramp test.
    Even better, get someone else to initiate the Ai one on your account, screen grab the result, then don't save it. Do the ramp test and compare afterwards.

    Edit, below was in response to doing a real and Ai test close to each other, results were a few watts apart.

    dbr AI before, test after. National Hill Climb in between.

    Think my ramp tests have been compromised anyway since @cjr worked out
    and told me the exact time at which you’re into higher FTP territory.
    ie, anything past X mins = higher FTP, i I always hang on until at
    least then if I can.

    I think I have done a blind ramp test at some point, came out the

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