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  • Interesting.
    In that case I'll stick with Sufferfest for now then.

  • I’ve got a couple of referral codes for a free month going spare

  • Back on TR after a long break from cycling (in or outside). Trying to do intervals first thing in the morning is grim, do people manage them on an empty stomach or is that where i'm going wrong? Did an evening session last night which was a lot easier thanks to fuel in the belly but then couldn't fall asleep until late.

    And have any track bike people tried something like this on a smart trainer?­rainer-adaptors-wahoo/products/stationar­ytrainertrackbikeadapter

  • I used to do everything straight out of bed, now I tend to do v02 max a couple of hours after breakfast if I can, but I used to do it fasted too.

    Sounds like you did a session the night before, then one in the morning, that's not going to help. I try and have a carbohydrate based dinner the night before, a good sleep then maybe a coffee and/or energy drink before or during the session, but TBH I'm not sure either of those did much. I found zone 2, SS and even threshold stuff was fine.

    I'm sure it's partly down to individual physiology too, might just not be for you, or you need to get your routine dialled in and it'll get easier. Either way, try to create the ideal conditions, ie rest day before, well fuelled & hydrated, decent sleep.

  • I do them in the morning on an espresso and a flu powder to knock off the snot levels

  • Wake up and have a shake (50/50 protein/carbs) which I find easy to digest, on the bike 30 mins later. If it's going to be a challenging sweet spot I usually have to supplement with some sugar on the bike.

    I did try fasted but I couldn't achieve the same performance and weight loss wasn't my goal

  • Do you have to do them first thing? That's the first question I'd ask.

    I do mine at lunchtime now. Much better.

    In the morning if I was doing gym or a proper turbo sesh I'd have a high caffeine pre-workout 15-20min before the session (or ride to gym). I'd get up earlier to fit in extra warmup time. Sleep suffers because I'm also a bit of a night owl.

  • If you're coming back from a break from cycling I suspect the fasted training is particularly challenging as it is definitely something I have to work into.

    My understanding of the training manuals is that fasted is good for weight loss/threshold building, but best to avoid the higher intensity stuff. (­-body-burn-fat-instead-store-fasted-trai­ning/)

    If you don't have any other time to train, which I can definitely empathise with, then my routine looks like: Wake up -> drink 500ml water -> layer up for warm-up -> hydration drink + potential carbs if struggling with workout. If you have time for a slightly extended warmup then I find this beneficial too

  • Thanks all, helpful stuff here.

    Morning's when i don't have to walk the mutt just seemed like the best time for getting a session done. Lunchtimes might make sense but i always find something gets in the way. Evenings will depend on my workload and being a light sleeper i'm keen to avoid disturbing my routine too much. Getting up a bit earlier to have something to eat/drink sounds sensible and i'll try a lunchtime session to see how i like it.

    I haven't really thought about my goals but i'm not looking to loose weight. Ideally i'd probably be looking to build stamina/power for faster shorter road rides or inter sessions at the track. Any suggestions on what TR training program to try? Can't remember which one i picked but it seems mainly sweet spot sessions which i'm not loving.

  • something gets in the way

    This is habit. Block the time, have it ready to go, get you and everyone who might disturb you used to the fact that you're busy for hours x to y.

    Gran Fondo plan maybe. Oh wait, you say Track? Then probably look at the XC stuff - they should have Vo2 and sprint work.

  • This is habit. Block the time

    Sage advice. I had few problems keeping a routine when i competed in my earlier years (not cycling) but motivating myself to get fit for the sake of it is tough. I'll check out the XC programs for some more sprinty stuff.

  • motivating myself to get fit for the sake of it is tough

    Plan an event? Real or fake - set some kind of goal. "Getting fit" is what chumps do for two weeks in Jan before the novelty wears off.

  • "Getting fit" is what chumps do for two weeks in Jan before the novelty wears off

    Oh, cool, I can stop now then

  • You hadn't already? 2 weeks is the limit, any time before that is fine.

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