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  • Checked and I also received this email but I can't see any of the expected differences in the app, can you?

  • I think what they mean is data gathered from the AT project has now been applied to all workout descriptions in the form of 1-10 ratings. Some / all plans have also been modified based on the data. You should see “Vo2Max 5.6” or whatever on each workout.

    No robot coach just yet.

  • Threshold 5.2 (whatever that means) can move to tomorrow due to too many ABV 7.2%

  • Ahh, that makes sense.

    The plans look very different to how they were before. I'm half way through general build mid volume, debated switching to the update plan before remembering all the comments about "consistency"

  • This just popped up in my calendar:

    Updated Training Plans Are Here

    Adaptive Training is coming soon, but TrainerRoad plans are improving now. Our updated, more progressive plans incorporate new data and insights from machine learning. Upgrade your plan now to get the most effective training for your goals.
    Upgrading your plan won't affect completed workouts, scheduled events, or planned time off, but your upcoming workouts may change.

  • Yeah, mine changed when I re-added it to my calendar.

  • I don't see any differences having 'upgraded' but I don't really know what it had planned anyway.

  • I failed a 7.1 hardness workout last week and now it's got them starting at 6.x so that's good

  • I did my usual trick of setting a new FTP and then having to turn the next workout down 10% just to get through it. So I wonder what it's going to do nowadays.

  • I should've screen grabbed what was there before to see what it changed.

  • It definitely had a 20min FTP Test scheduled as a workout, which I thought was weird and now it doesn't.

  • That 7.1 was right after a ramp test, think they've fixed the mental shit right at the start of build or speciality

  • I did my usual trick of setting a new FTP and then having to turn the next workout down 10% just to get through it

    Out of interest, why the decision to turn it down? Does that not mean you’re doing this new workout at around the same FTP as before?

    I’m just about to start a block of structured training again and in the past my philosophy has been to not worry too much about failing some workouts after a FTP increase, so long as I’m able to steadily show improvement in my ability to hold these new numbers.

    Not a criticism, but generally interested in the best way to deal with that horrible feeling of not being able to hit the numbers.

  • I've never seen those numbers before.

    I use TSS & IF (or just eyeball how much of the workout is near or over threshold).

    I failed a "5.2" whatever the fuck that means. Basically supra-threshold but with a new FTP meant it was basically long VO2 intervals, hence turning it down quite a way before I could get through each int.

  • They’re new innit. Robocoach numbers.

  • I'm not turning down my FTP, I just leave that and adjust the workout.

    This is what normally happens:

    Set higher ftp

    Do next workout and have to stop in the middle of first or second interval so turn it down anywhere from 2% to 10% to get through remainder of workout

    Do next workout and now stop in the say 4th interval and if I stop in the 5th interval I'll turn it down a few % again

    Repeat, hopefully until

    Do next workout and make it through

    If I'm still failing then I might quit and go ride the gravel bike for a month or turn FTP down.

    Or last year I just went and did another round of Base instead of their stupid Build plans. "Yes, Trainerroad, I can totally manage 5 x 12min @ 500W after having spent 0% of the previous month even near threshold"

  • my philosophy has been to not worry too much about failing some workouts after a FTP increase

    I don't -worry- about failing them I've done this shit enough to know how my training works.

    Doesn't mean I don't get angry when I fail. But it's not like I'm losing sleep over it. I just have a whinge and then hit the next one, trying to do a bit better. If I end up failing a whole bunch in a row then I'll just drop the calculated FTP manually. I know when I'm flogging a dead horse vs. getting better at something harder.

  • Understood.

    Doesn't mean I don't get angry when I fail

    Me too. I’m a competitive bugger and hate not getting through sessions, but need to work on the mental side so as not to lose motivation when this happens.

  • Yeah, so I get angry but then I will think "well, you had 10 pints last night, of course you sucked" and then do it again the next day and complete it fine. If it's after an FTP increase, then I've come to expect the failed workouts. But they're not total failures are they? You're still doing work, even if you have to turn them down part way through or stop/start them.
    For example, the workout I failed yesterday, even turning it down heaps, I still set some 2021 power PBs for a few longer durations because I kept going and "finished" the workout - even though it was quite a ways turned down.

    So, it's a bit of balance. You don't want to always 'expect to fail' but you also don't want to have a sook and stop training completely if you do fail. It's not even really a fail. It's like you climb 70% of a hill one day, then 75% the next and you keep going until you get the top and then you find a bigger hill. :)

    I'm not being paid to flog myself on a trainer and I'm too old and fucked now to be winning much anyway but I can still motivate myself to struggle through stuff and that's important to me. If I fully quit - that would be a problem.

  • Yep, that’s a very healthy attitude.

    I’ll work on channeling my inner Hippy during this block.

  • Ramp Test two days after first AZ jab = -50W FTP.

    I wasn't going to test but I'm a curious cat (and the Ramp was quicker than 30min of easy bullshit).

    I'll be doing this test again very soon.

  • I was actually faster after AZ! (Probably more due to the 3 days of rest that almost never happens otherwise!)

  • My first AZ kicked my arse.
    My pristine body of athletic perfection is clearly not used to simulated diseases... :D

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