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  • I have 3 codes if anyone wants one?

  • You’ve got to laugh at Trainerroad’s text description of a breakaway simulation.

    ‘One min at 120% and then settle in for a few minutes at threshold and you’ll be away from the bunch’

    Try sprinting your bollocks several times and then riding at 120% for three or four minutes to get a 20 second gap before realising nobody was stupid enough to come with you.

  • Better than the bloke at my LBS's crit sim: 45 minutes 85% with 30s @ 200% every 5 minutes (straight back at 85% after the sprint).

    In my very limited experience, miss your clip in, flat out with 1 leg unclipped, panic brake, freewheel, repeat is more like it.

    That said, it is a pretty brutal session

  • Or the park and ride style crits, 90% for 45 minutes, with 5-10 second sprints every 30 seconds.

  • If you're sprinting before you're at the finish line (or a paying prime), you're doing racing wrong.

  • you're doing racing wrong

    Guaranteed. I’ve normally burned my matches well before any prime, let alone the finish.

  • Step 1: Identify the problem
    Step 2: Take up golf?

  • Step 1: Identify the problem

    I don’t race enough - six or eight races a year. I reckon I need to be racing week in week out to get myself in the mix at the sharp end of a race.

    I enjoy it a lot but >£25 is a fair whack for the privilege of pinning a number on and finishing consistently just outside the points.

  • £25 per race? Fuck, that's a bit rich!

    I think it was ~$10 a race when I last rubbed elbows. When you can race each day of the week even that gets spendy. Plus the 200+/year race lic and all the other costs.

    Oh road race or crit?

  • Road races. I only do the odd crit but they’ve crept up to ~£15.

    I can start doing LVRC races this year although I don’t think many are planned.

    I know they won’t be any easier but at least the lack of super keen 18 year olds with coaches will make it seem like a level playing field

  • Yeah they were more expensive (plus we'd have to drive out to do them instead of riding to/from the start).

  • Cool tip, sync your Garmin with TR and feel special with double the chances for power PBs.
    201 all time power PBs yesterday according to TR haha.

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