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  • Quite enjoyed my over-unders yesterday. I expect it’s the same bit of my brain that likes ruining my body in HCs.

  • I like any intervals I can actually get through. As soon as the power requirements or duration is too high then they're "shit intervals".

  • It helps if you get a kick of excitement and adrenaline before each interval.

    I find that my HR and breathing rate increases shortly before hard intervals, which is take as a good sign that I’ll make it through the intervals.
    If it doesn’t, my body has given up, and I am in for serious punishment.

  • Have you ever considered cyclocross? It's like an hour of hill climbs.

  • All my intervals are shit.

  • It's like an hour of mud wrestling


  • Yeah. Yeah. Whatthefuckever. I've seen you in the crowds. Wondering how it feels picking worms out of your drivetrain.

  • Drinking beer in a 'cross crowd >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>­>>>>>> racing 'cross

  • And yet, and yet, if there was an endurocross race you'd be all over it I bet.

  • Is that a thing? I still need to add a CX race to my list of cycling "things I've done once and don't want to repeat" along with a solo 24hr MTB race.

  • Yeah I have actually, never got around to it though. Would need another bike which isn’t really an option just now. I do love smashing the fire roads through Epping. Depending on this years’ HCs I might give cross a go. Seems like I’ll be racing a lot less this year.

    Are there any turn-up-and-ride type races in November?

  • I like any intervals I can actually get through

    Yeah, that. Don't get me wrong, I fail intervals and hate them, but these were just right. Only just managed the last 30 seconds of the last one: ideal.

  • I tend to fail the second last one and then boot fuck out of the last one because I'm so mad about failing the second last one. Different strokes, innit.

  • Been there too.

  • If there are any events in any discipline I'd be surprised.

  • Socially distanced mus wrestling though. Not as fun.

  • @chalfie @dbr and @andyp

    Some really useful insights and comments. Given I have no particular cycling goals it probably makes most sense I return to the base program but at my most recently tested ftp.

    The last ftp result felt like a big increase (12%) so I think I’ll do a base phase plan at the newer level and possibly then consider moving on to a build phase but at the same ftp. I think the combination of higher tss and elevated ftp was too much for my addled body and feeble psyche to endure.

  • I often watch MMA competitions or tv and film with violent thuggery and this mental excitement can help with power surges. Or sometimes particularly energetic DJ mixes can also add that extra stimulus.

    The Michael Jordan documentary was also great inspirational viewing during turbo sessions at the beginning of lockdown.

  • Screw you then, country boy!

  • I like any intervals I can actually get through. As soon as the power requirements or duration is too high then they're "shit intervals".

    I endorse this comment

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