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  • According to yesterday's ramp test my FTP has increased from 320 in March to 354 now. Reasonably happy although I'm heavier now than in March so the improvement in Watts per Kg is fairly minimal.

  • 10.6% increase is awesome! Having the extra 34 threshold watts is more useful generally than having a substantially higher Watts per kg.

    I'm aiming for a 10% boost to FTP over the winter, got to psych myself up for a ramp test soon...

  • Anyone have a discount code going? Desperate times call for desperate measures so I'm reactivating my account.


    @spinnnout might have one left? Think you need to make a new account though

  • I do. It’s non transferable though so I’ll only send it if you will use it. And yeah, I think you need to set up a new account.

  • I'm all out but if you send me an email address I'll get one sent by someone else .. or there is a thread on the TR forum for referrals

  • Got 3 invitations here

  • Ha - I set up my elite direto this evening. Took me about five minutes to remember where you plug the power cable into it.

  • Also got 3 invites. PM me if needed.

  • 3 invites here too

  • My anti-social approach to cycling extends to the virtual world too.

  • It’s my time to binge watch tv. That is the reward

  • That sounds more fun than what I've been doing to kill time.

  • I too have invites if anyone needs one.

    Before Covid, due to two weeks of partying over Christmas that involved a wedding in Ireland, all the shitty weather, Cheltenham festival and a couple of colds, I done got way out of shape and started getting fat again.

    I started the mid-volume Sweet Spot Base plan this week. Surprisingly my FTP was 3 watts higher than the last time I tested it in Jan. Only ever done a low volume plan before, although that was supplemented by about 8 hours a week outside tempo/threshold. If I can finish this plan and then finish a subsequent mid-volume 'build' plan, I should still be back to my previous best by June.

    I initially wasn't going to go out riding at all, but I've been inside for nearly a week now and can't handle much more of it, so will be adding one or two hours a week on the road. Hopefully Victoria Park reopens so I can just got there and do laps.

    Thanks for reading my cool story, bro.

  • Forget FTP. (F)unctional (B)oner (T)hreshold is where it's at now

  • Could someone please dm me a referral code? Would like to try this out. Thanks in advance.

  • Sure - you'll need to send me your email...

  • Don't forget the ™. It's a patented term from Hunter Anal and Andrew Cockan.

  • I'm going into a sustained power build block. I need to test, had planned on using 20 minute but interested in the Empirical Cycling FTP tests the TTE angle seems best suited to my needs.

    Is there a workout closer to their protocol out there? Something like White? You can't see other people's custom workouts which is annoying as I'm sure another user has created one of the tests and I'm too lazy to figure out their custom builder :(

  • Workout creator is actually really easy to use - well, it’s not super intuitive but there’s also not much too it so it doesn’t take long to get the hang of. Have a go - you only need to do it once. I made the BC / Sky 20 min warmup and use it before every ramp test and race in the wild.

  • They appear to be testing group workouts just now which could be interesting, or not!

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