2014-06-28/29 - Styrkeproven, Norway

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  • _ kristian_ hope you are okay. I vowed never ever again, again..
    There were moments when the scenery was absolutely breathtaking,
    Everything after Gjørik was frankly shite.. But no puking at the finish.
    Still hungry and commute this week is a bit meh..

    Plus I have loads of mosquito bites..

  • Midnight in Trondheim

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  • Carb loading on the flight..

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  • All smiles at the start..

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  • great pics Al

  • Kvam...

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  • Dombås-tic

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  • http://youtu.be/1iIcaR3oXo4

    Rode a few miles with two from this team...
    They must have been dropped by their squad..
    Maybe involved in the crash earlier on.
    Or punctured, epic finish time though..

    Girls ftw..."...........

  • so for 2015 either
    Bergen-Vos Sykkelritt,
    or hiking with my girls to Preikestolen
    or both??

  • Bergen Voss is a nice ride.
    Worked out expensive though.

    I'd recommend nibberittet. But you need to enjoy climbing.
    One reason to do that. Is to spend the weekend in a cabin in geiranger. This puts you next to some of Norways most amazing areas.

  • Google the following. I'm on my phone and too lazy.

    Trollstigen, ørnvegen, norangsdalen, Hellesylt.

    All within cycle distance of geiranger.

  • thanks SF i love climbing bike or on foot :)

  • ^^^^ Sweaty palms just looking at that photo...

    [EDIT] Bollox. I haz posted in this thread. Might have to do this ride one day. (I'm not fast but distance is no problem. 540km I might be able to do ~30h or so, none of this ~18h malarkey.)

  • Ha... Greenbank hard yes, but do-able. Great feeling crossing the line, Skyrkeprøven that is.

  • The thing about nibberittet. Is that it's just up a mountain and back down again. So there is far less logistics.
    Most of my cycling funds have gone on hotels, planes, and trains this year. It's a faff.

  • Unrelated but watching Tour des Fjords from ages ago on Eurosport. Looks purty.

  • Contemplating Styrkeprøven 2015.
    Entering in the sub 20 hour cat.
    If I put less crap in my water I should make it.

  • bow-larks.. styrkeprøven have contacted me about a survey and 2015..
    what's norge for 'never again, pal'...

    Kjære Almac68

    Dette er en spørreundersøkelse som blir sendt ut til personer som har deltatt i utvalgte turritt i 2014. Norges Cykle Forbund ønsker å få vite litt mer om hva som motiverer deg til å delta i turritt og hva du vektlegger når du melder deg på et turritt.
    Vi håper du har et par minutter å avse til å svare på spørsmålene.

    Turrittene som er med i undersøkelsen er allerede godt i gang med å planlegge neste års arrangement. Tilbakemeldinger fra deltakerne er viktige for videre utvilking og forbedring av arrangementene.

    Det trekkes ut tilfeldige vinnere til 10 valgfrie plasser til arrangementene i 2015.
    På forhånd tusen takk for hjelpen.

    Sportslig hilsen

    Turritt-utvalget i NCF

    Her er en link til undersøkelsen:
    Denne linken er knyttet unikt til denne undersøkelsen og e-postadressen din. Vennligst ikke videresend denne meldingen.

    Takk for at du deltar!
    Obs! Hvis du ikke ønsker å motta flere e-poster fra oss, kan du klikke linken nedenfor. Da fjernes du automatisk fra vår adresseliste.

  • Completed mine a while back.

    I did'nt appreciate getting hit (well nudged) by a car just outside of Trondheim. I put that down to isolated idiocy though.

    What really got me was the total lack of common sense showed by two of the teams I passed on the way. Both were getting supplys from a car in a layby. Then pouring into the road without looking, and in one case stopping dead, blocking the Whole road to wait for the last of the team.

    They really need to rethink the supply car rules. Or at least enforce the ones they have.

    Generally I just bitched about the cost of competing in Norway.

    ....I'd bitched have about the cost of decent beer, pizzas, and the climate. But there wasnt Space.

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2014-06-28/29 - Styrkeproven, Norway

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