Wanted: Mountain bike

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  • Hi lfgss, im looking for a mountain bike for my cousin so he can start commuting with bikes and he's not too keen on ss/fixed.. .i dont know how sizes goes for mtb's but he's around 5'6 so maybe small? Budget is £100-150 maybe more depends on the bike. .london meet up please. .

  • look on the sport direct website they flog stuff for this sort of money. is it good? doubt it but cost little.

  • I have a bike if you want!!

  • Thanks tom. .i know its a long shot for a good mtb for this bike and im not too keen on sports direct or gumtree(very dodgy)

    Unlocktheshed. ,u got pics? Can u email or pm it here to me cheers man

  • I have an early 90 claude butler (before they became shite) hand built (in the UK) reynolds frame and fork, I think its a 16" LX XT group mix. Needs some TLC (tyres, chain, cables bit of grease but nothing drastic).


Wanted: Mountain bike

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