• Isn't this how Jaguar Type-C/XKSS chassis were built?

  • I think part of the issue with tig brazing for framebuilding is that you cant sink enough heat into the part to build the size of fillet needed for a structural braze on a frame. could be done with multiple passes maybe? Gotta watch out as well, dont tig braze with gas welding rod,AFAIK the zinc content vaporizes then you end up with some unpleasant ailment if you huff too much... even with mask.

    I think its viable to do bridges and brazons with tig tho, that dont require that big a fillet

  • I believe this is all correct. Another reason not to use it for fillet or lug brazing frames is that it won't wet through as well as gas brazing rod, meaning the joint it relatively weak on the inside.

  • Saw this from Fitz Cyclez and thought of you, looks like something you’d build up/ride.

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  • Very nice.

    I wanna know what fork crown that is that clears a 2.8 tyre.

  • Pacenti MTB fork crown.

  • Heavily modded if it is.

    Starts like this,

  • Yeah, they replied on instagram, its the Crust one.

    Pacenti might have just about the same clearance though.

  • I'm currently the highest bidder on it.

  • New project incoming...

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  • Nice. What's the plan?

  • Fantastic!! Look forward to seeing what you do with it. Had a 26" BFe a couple of years ago and loved it.

  • No1 will be figure out if the Hope trials hub I have can be made to work in the rear end of it (I’m pretty out of touch on axle standards).

    Next, the toptube is kinked back at that tube that braces it to the seattube so that’s going to have to come off completely, might try and save some of the downtube. Would be nice to reuse the original headtube...I was sent the link on Instagram before Zigbit posted it here and the guy that sent me it said he’d maybe interested if I could stretch it out a bit.

    Could do some kinda BTR. truss type deal...

  • This is a pacenti crown with a 2.1 tyre in. I'm not sure about a 2.8 with clearance for mud and what not. This only has a 100mm axle and axle/crown length 400mm so maybe a slightly longer mtb axle and a bit longer might make some extra clearance.

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  • Yeah, I doubt that'd take a 2.8" tyre.

    I found this photo of a 2.4" tyre in one and it looks toight,

    I'm sure I read 2.8" somewhere though.

    Framebuilder supply listing for it says its just over 2.9" between the blades (https://framebuildersupply.com/products/­pacenti-mtb-fork-crown-74mm-inside-width­-biplane-design) which would be dry california clearance for a 2.8" not wet, muddy UK clearance!

    I need to sit down and figure out if I can get legs long enough to build the fork I want anyway. Longest lug compatible legs listed on Ceeway are 430mm, I was thinking I wanted the a2c to be closer to 500mm.

    Also need to get some more practice doing forks before I spend any money on nice crowns and the like.

  • What about 2.6 on wide rims?

  • I might settle with 2.4" to be honest as I've used them on other wheelsets/bikes for a while and been happy enough.

    I'm building a replacement for my klunker that'll be a bit more useable and adaptable (as I've now sold the Hummus frame so don't have a disc brake mtb in addition to the klunker) so thought I'd go with the same 2.8" tyre as I have on the coaster brake rear wheel for the front wheel (I was using a 27.5 x 2.5 on the front of the klunker and 26 x 2.4 on both ends of the Hummus).

  • Also I'm keeping it in mind that I have that Cotic BFE on it's way to me and was thinking that turning it into something like this would be cool...

    I was thinking that the BFE is desgned for a reasonably long travel fork so I'd need long blades but the front triangle geometry will be up to me so maybe I can build it to work with a shorter fork...

  • I might settle with 2.4"

    2.4" is pretty big as it is, put some nice 30mm rims, and you got a pretty floaty platform.

  • 2.4" is alright but the 2.8" on a big rim is chonk....

  • found this (skip to 6:55 for the bicycle tubing TIG brazing):


  • Dunno why I haven't posted in here for a while.

    Getting there on the P7 rebuild, last bit to be added is the 2nd 'klunker' toptube which I mitered in work today.

    I did a double wishbone on the seatstays and decided it'd be fun to try and file the fillets on that today.

    It is not fun.

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  • Double wishbone,

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