• Cleaned up that first side of the yoke at work today and then brazed the other side when I got home.

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  • Also whacked these together...

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  • Thought I'd fucked it on the new frame this morning.

    Made good progress joining the downtube and headtube and then went to join that sub-assembly to the bb shell and realised that my assumption that the large diameter of the ebb shell would mean the seat and downtube joints were quite far apart was totally wrong. The tubes themselves probably wouldn't have met but the fillet I'd already laid down on the seattube joint was in the way of the downtube.

    I managed to save the day by just dropping the downtube down a bit to meet the bb shell just a little bit off-centre. I should have drawn something up on the computer to show me how close the tubes would get to each other.

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  • Also mitred the main top tube and brazed a reinforcement piece to the seattube end of it. Coffin shaped as per my first frame.

    Top tube will get fillet brazed at the headtube end and silver soldered at the seattube (less heat = less distortion).

    Just realised that if I want to do a similar reinforcement piece on the 2nd top tube then I’ll need to put it in place first as the reinforcement pieces wrap more than half way around the seattube and have to slide on from the top.

    I won't bother with a reinforcing piece where the 2nd toptube will meet the downtube

    The reinforcement pieces serve another purpose on this frame which is that the seattube is a 28.6mm od and the toptubes are 31.8mm. The reinforcement pieces step the od up to 31.8mm so there's no need to ovalise the top tubes. Since the downtube is also 31.8mm, I don't need to perform this function there.

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  • And while I was waiting for frame tubes to cool today I started changing up the first of a few stems I've picked up.

    A few people saw the quill stem I made recently and expressed interest in a 31.8mm version. I still haven't figured out any way to make the construction of the quill/extension bit of the stem any easier or more accurate/repeatable but I figure there's absolutely hunners of steel quill stems knocking about so...

    A removable faceplate version will be next and I have a negative angle ITM road stem to work with too. The two stems pictured above were selected (based on them having the least dog shitty welds) from the box of quill stems at the local bike coop. I did wonder about laying a cosmetic fillet braze over the weld.

  • Despite all my chat about having time to think and plan on this frame I’m finding I haven’t actually done enough of it.

    I’ve gotten concerned the area of the 2 top tubes and the seatstay wishbone meeting seat tube is going to be really busy and crowded looking, especially if I put these plates on every joint.

    I don’t really know where I got this paranoia about just doing straight fillet joints to the seattube anyway so I think I’m going to use a tube with a smaller od for the 2nd top tube as that’ll mean I don’t need to add the plate there and then I’m still thinking about where exactly to bring the seat stay wishbone in.

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  • Well today I really did fuck up, I cut my chainstays too short. So that means I definitely won’t get the frame built in my time off because tomorrow is my last day off.

    I did get the front triangle all but done though. Just noticed a wee bit that needs a bit more silver flowing in but that won’t take but 5 minutes in the morning.

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  • And I did another 31.8mm quill stem.

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  • Sorry to hear about your chainstays! Definitely interesting threat to follow:)

  • Ah, shit happens. And every mistake I make is a lesson learned.

    It’s not so bad that I’ll not have much framebuilding to do tomorrow, the weather is looking better than the last few days so I’ll get out for a ride.

  • What about one big plate/piece of tube that the two top tubes and the seatstay wishbone connect to?

  • Yeah, could definitley have done that and would have probably been quite neat but I only thought about the problem after having brazed the coffin shaped piece on the end of the toptube. Hopefully straight fillet brazing the 2nd toptube onto the seat tube won't have distorted it much and it won't need too much reaming to get the post to go up and down nicely.

  • Reamed and faced my headtube and fitted headset cups at work today.

    Thought I might as well since the frame will be getting (at most) an oilled finish.

    I could have definitely taken a bit more off the bottom of the headtube but I figure I can always pop the cup out and trim it down if it needs it.

    Did a quick mock up and the angles are pretty good with it at this length, slightly slacker than I drew up. I’ll see how it rides.

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  • I finished that ITM stem conversion and then wanted to try it out but the only 31.8mm bars I have just now are super wide so having spent hours cutting the 25.4mm clamp off and replacing it with a 31.8mm clamp, I was forced to shim out a 25.4 bar!

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  • Long quiet day at work today so prepped another quill stem conversion and the parts to build pretty much a copy of the Gaspipe™ stem I had made.

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  • I also fitted guards back onto my Pompino the other day, yup, June and I’m fitting mudguards :( so I don’t need to run guards on my Surly 1x1 anymore (I ride the Pompino more and I’ve found the big wide sks guards I had on the Surly wobble around a lot more than narrower ones that I can use on the Pompino. I think the weight of the wide ones overpowers the stays a bit. So it makes sense to have the Pomp guarded up.

    Took some tine this morning to try and do something like this with the 1x1.

    I don’t think it’s worked quite as well but should be fun to ride anyway.

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  • Why the rear brake only on the surly?

  • Why not?!

    Nah, it had the v up front and a canti on the back in it’s previous build. The canti wasn’t working very well despite my best efforts so ditched it. I have another v at home so might fit it but I couldn’t be bothered digging it out before work.

    I kinda like the stupid, pull skids everywhere, big bmx vibe though.

  • Ok I get it, thought it might be a nod to the coaster on the clunker.

  • All brazing done. I think.

    Seems straight but I guess we’ll need to wait till I ride it down the road to really tell.

    Get it at work with me now checking the dropout alignment and cutting and reaming the seattube.

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  • that looks bonkers fun

  • Really love that, can't wait to see it built up.
    Also it has highlighted a gap in my own bike collection that needs to be filled.

  • Agree with all the above, this fucking rad!

  • Awesome. Well done!

  • Tell you what, that has really quite something special. I bloody love it!

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