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  • I wonder if one of your improvements was to fill the gap between the dt and the reinforcement plate with brass?

    Damn it! Now I wish I had!

  • Those are both very good. Top work.

  • Really nice.

  • Oh no.. sorry! 🙊

  • Haha it’s cool. I imagine there’s probably actually a reason it’s left open at the end.

  • Awesome work, clear looks great on the raw frame!

  • Built them yesterday, got pics this morning...

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  • Had to make myself a tool to clear the powder coat out the bb shell on the pomp.

    Shell was properly chased and faced recently so took a smooth cut file across the end of the shell to remove the powder coat and this did the trick on the threads.

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  • Finished up gas pipe stem no 002 today too.

    Given this one a heavy blast of clear lacquer, I’ll see how well it lasts.

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  • I started working on the seat stays for the Holdsworth last week but decided that by the time I’d removed the dropouts and cut slots to go over the new track ends, the diameter was too big to blend nicely with the ends.

    Given that I also need a set of seat stays for my Flying Scot I just sat down and put a Ceeway order together.

    While I wait for the stays to come I got cracking on prepping the Scot for its new rear end.

    Cleaned out the chainstay sockets, got track ends brazed into the chainstays and cleaned up the seat champ cluster.

    The joy of 27” wheels is that I don’t need to trim anything off the stays.

    The chainstay sockets have holes in for pinning the stays so I’ll be giving that a shot. I think I’ll also need to dimple the stays to create a bit more clearance. I could probably get away with them as is but I want there to be room to fit guards as there’s a nice old set of white Bluemels that came with the bike (it’s my late grandfather’s).

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  • Lol I did that groove-down-a-BB-cup trick once to chase rust out of a BB shell. WD40 as 'cutting oil'.

  • These are looking great, good job!

  • saw Mercian's unearthed a batch of round track fork blades and put them up for sale on their website ATM if it tickles your trout

  • Ooh yeah. Cheers, I’ll go have a look.

  • So, thinking about the seat stays for the Holdsworth. I have some pretty plain top eyes I could use but I’ve ordered some wrap over top eyes for the Flying Scot so I fancy something a bit more ‘out there’ for the Holdsworth.

    I could do triple triangle or I could bring them both into the centre of the seattube, stacked one above the other. I’m leaning more towards stacking them as I think it’ll look more...’streamlined’?

    Not sure which would be easier, triple triangle would require a bridging piece putting in either in front or behind the seat tube I think but stacking them will mean some weird compound angles on the mitres on the ends of the stays.

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M_V's multitude of bikes and adventures in the land of framebuilding

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