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  • Been building some wheels for a regular customer.

    Some pretty pimp bmx stuff.

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  • And I built a new front wheel for the Cube project. Regular 3x on the disc side, double snowflake on the non disc side.

    First time trying double snowflake.

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  • wow! too cool that snowflake and i love the yellow and black bike!

  • That looks so wild! Are those last three photos showing the finished wheel with final tension?
    Or just laced up? I'm wondering if the small kinks in the spokes will straighten out with more tension?

    What's silver fork on the orange bike? That head tube to fork transition is spot on. ;-)

  • Ti spokes on the Profiles?

  • How did you know what spoke lenght to start with?

  • Those photos were it tensioned up. It’ll probably have settled in a bit now and would vendor from a retensioning.

    The silver fork is a Marin one i bought from here. Bit heavy but suits it so well.

  • Yeah, mental money.

  • I had spokes that were 6mm longer than you’d use for traditional 3x and they worked!

    I had no idea if they would.

    Single lacing snowflake uses 2mm per twist.

  • Here’s some Photos of the bike all painted and assembled.

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  • So good and so wild, as always.

  • thats amazing

  • Looks ace well done.

    Is that a coupling on the seat stays?

    Do you sell the bars that are on your cube?

  • Yeah, couple to allow the belt in.

    Bars moved over from the cube.

  • Ah yes of course. I should have gueessed that. It looks very neat.

    You selling any bars like that soon. Would love a set on my new build.

  • Amazing stuff! Sorry if I missed it but whats the story behind the horizontal tube with the coins(?) in the seat tubes?

  • There’s no story really, I prefer monostays/wishbone to stays that both come up to the seattube, the track frame I did hope I did it as Id seen another framebuilder do something similar. Coins are just an easy way to cap a tube. I’ve used them a fair bit in frames I’ve built and modified.

  • Updates…

    I fancy doing some furniture making this year. I started with these tables. Ash top, Columbus fork legs.

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  • I added some mixte/campeur style tubes to my Flying Scot and also flowed some brass into the bb shell and recite the threads as they were getting a bit worn.

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  • I wanted to run guards on this but when I rebuilt the rear and I positioned the brake bridge for maximum clearance with the Mafac caterpillar I wanted to use b turned out that clearance is slightly insufficient for guards.

    I built some 700c wheels to try and get some clearance back (others are 27”) but also went from 32mm tyres to 35mm and ended up gaining nothing! Still, these wheels will we lot sturdier than the old single wall 27” rims.

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  • This is such an incredibly amazing bike, can't stop staring at it!

  • I got this Stooge mk2 from another framebuilder who has had it in his workshop for an age and done nothing with it.

    One of the toptubes was cracked.

    I decided to make it a bit bigger, was just going to do the seattube at first but then I measured it against the Genesis frame I’d been riding and realised it was super short so I’ve stretched it a bit too.

    I’ve also added cable routing for an internal dropper post.

    I contacted Stooge to check what size bb insert I should be using in it and Andrew kindly sent me a damaged for he had which I tried to integrate into the rear and but I decided it was uggers af so chopped it back off and have just left it as a dropped start design.

    I’ve just lacquered it today so will be getting it flung together ASAP. The photos of it built were just from a round the block test ride I did.

    I’m going to run it as a 69er, I think with a narrower front tire and smaller diameter, fatter rear it’ll be like a scrambler motorbike.

    The tube between the downtube and headtube is a bb shell, my dad is turning me a piece of wood which will fit into a nice rotor bb cup I have and make a little removable cap so I can stash things in there.

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  • After the Store I was wanting to move onto a mini velo project. I have a bmx frame I was going to chop up but then I saw an ad on Facebook for two Raleigh Twenties for £40 and couldn’t resist.

    Today I cut the bb shell on one down to 68mm and retapped the threads to 24tpi so a normal bb will fit.

    I’d love to do a 1 1/8” headtube conversion somehow as I have this dodgy far east Brompton squid fork that’d be ace to use but not quite sure how to go about it yet.

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  • Can’t find the pictures I took of the fork when I get it but this is after grinding/cutting/filing a load of the original brazing back and redoing it plus adding a load of reinforcement pieces between the legs.

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  • Spotted on a bike at work

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M_V's multitude of bikes and adventures in the land of framebuilding

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