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  • Cheers all for the kind comments.

    I was stressing a bit on the run up to the show thinking that my stuff wasn’t going to fit in and it hasn’t but in such a good way!

    It’s been interesting talking to people. Someone thought I’d invented a new kind of super skinny headtube, I was like, nah that’s just 1”! They were so used to looking at the tapered headtubes on like 95% of bikes at the show that 1” looked tiny in comparison.

  • thinking that my stuff wasn’t going to fit in

    not fitting in is the dream

  • The track bike looks incredible! Really nice work :)

  • Was looking at pictures of jazzy bicycles earlier (obviously) & just noticed who the owner of the candle-holder equipped bike is, uncle John & whitelock remain one of my all time favourite bands, had a right few cracking nights out at their gigs! Probably a natural progression from riding a coffin mounted with skateboard hardware on stage actually now I think about it.

  • Some snaps of my track bike.

    Got a ride on it today and I'm very happy with it.

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  • More photos...

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  • Last few for now...

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  • Wow. Love it

  • Amazing work!

  • awesome, did you buy the surly ends from somewhere? or cut them out of a frame?

  • Found them on ebay, hadn't been built before. Same deal on the lugs and fork crown. Doubt Cinelli or Surly ever intended these parts to make it to the hands of third party builders but here we are.

  • Yasss amazing

  • Skinny is the new OS, looks great.

  • ah nice one ok was wondering

  • Mentioned on The Radavist. You've made it


  • All the bikes on the booth were painted in ‘Spray.bike’

    I thought montana was your jam Ande?

  • Montana is my Jam too...Spray bike is too thicc and powdercoaty. Ew.

  • Meh, I wasn't too happy with the write up, seemed like it was pretty full of backhanded compliments if you know what I mean, "shoddy charms" and "not here to win any brazing contests" etc.

    It was exactly that kind of snobbery I expected to be far more rife at Bespoked.

    Also yeah, as @MCamb says, there wasn't a drop of Spray.bike in my booth, Montana all round.

  • Agreed. I wasn’t best impressed.

    Easily some of the best bikes at the show.

    Spray bike is terrible powdery stuff

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M_V's multitude of bikes and adventures in the land of framebuilding

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