• Absolutely not, the best way!

  • I’m waiting for the frame to come in to fettle the fit but most likely 80mm, -10 degrees, 31.8 clamp, and a 60mm stack, and ideally removeable face plate. I really like the cross over you have in that quill stem along with that one I linked.

  • Sounds pretty doable.

    Smoothed fillets or left as they come?

  • Smoothed would be really lovely please, ala https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15347021/­

    I like the slightly narrower 'wrap' of the middle one in the preceding post, and the bolts on the back of the steerer

    Stupid question: i assumed the stack measurement (as given e.g. for VO's tall stack stem) is bottom to top of the steerer sleeve, is that right?

  • Yeah I’d say overall length of the steerer sleeve for stack. I’ll put the extension tube as close to the top as possible, maybe 5mm down from the top to allow for the fillet, if it’s a 31.7mm tube that’d put the centre of it about 21mm from the top of the steerer sleeve.

  • Ok, sounds good. I should have the frame beginning of august, then my LBS will transfer parts over, and I’ll then get the bike ‘re-fit’ to me. At that point i’ll know what extension and stack I’ll need and give you a shout? So mid-late august I should think.

  • I'd been noticing that I mainly used my cargo bike with a shopping crate strapped to the load area to contain stuff and that I could fit the same shopping crate on my cargo fork so I started looking for a retro mtb frame that I could put the cargo fork and all the good geared bits from the cargo bike on.

    Found this rather cool Saracen Traverse Comp Hydrotech. Did think I might put a disc brake tab on it but the V brake works fine so going to just use that.

    I need to add a bottle boss type braze on to the bottom rear of the seattube or something to give me a point to anchor a mudguard to then I'll add the guards and the rear dynamo light.

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  • That is sublime

  • So so rad

  • He never misses

  • You're on another level mate, 10/10 stuff.

  • If anyone’s in Harrogate this weekend…

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  • That track bike is ace!

  • It’s rare that I see a bike that’s genuinely interesting these days, yet to find a whole bunch of them! Big fan.

  • Love them all! Disappointed I couldn't make it up. Have you got any more pics of the tall bike?

  • anymore details of the tall bike?

  • Nice!
    Is this getting ridden? (Or in other words, is it for sale?)

  • The design is too similar to the Crust fork I think. I know that shipping and import costs basically make it unfeasible to get a Crust fork over here so it's not that I'd be stealing any customers from them but Crust have done all the r+d and promo/hype stuff so I'd definitely feel like I wuld be piggybacking on that and that's not something I want to do.


    This important statement needs applauding in a sea of shitheads stealing without giving credit! Stay original man!!

  • The orange one 😘👌so nice, will be ordering my forks at some point defo

  • Only ridden the tall bike around the block so far. It was a last minute build hence the lack of a decent paintjob.

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  • I seen a guy riding a tall bike around Glasgow a few months back. It couldn’t have been you then?

  • They all look great, well done!

  • Well done dude. That whole collection of bikes is so rad!

  • refreshing to see bikes which are both intricately interesting but also look distinctly rideable

    So much custom looks made for product shots and to look good in the garage

    All of these look like you could rag them round the hills till the parts have fallen off and rebuild for another life, really excellent work

  • Nah won’t have been me, I think one of the messengers might have one.

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