• Thats wierd then. Some of your previous work could see the paint texture, but this doesnt show at all.

    That rear plated mono stay looks great. Any post paint picures please?

  • Fully think the paint on the new bike is ace!

    Was going to bid myself, asked the seller if they'd post and they said they would, went out on a walk and promptly forgot about it and missed the end of the auction. Only went for £56 in the end, kicking myself a bit..

  • Little project I've been working on on the side of Maj's frameset, a balance bike for my mate's son. He's just turned one so probably a bit early with this but nevermind!

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    • _MG_8487.JPG
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    • _MG_8496.JPG
    • _MG_8502.JPG
    • _MG_8516.JPG
  • If you watch this thread then you might recognise the paint job, that's because it's painted to match dad's bike that I made last year...

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    • _MG_6867.JPG
  • amazing

    bet you could make a killing making these for hyndland/jordanhill/giffnock/bungo 'rents

  • great work!

  • Handsome handstembar

  • hyndland/jordanhill/giffnock/bungo 'rents

    Big time.

  • I like that the wheelbase looks a bit longer than most balance bikes?

    The extra length should give the kid that extra stability and straight line speed for absolutely smashing it at inners and golfie

  • Yeah that's pretty nice.

    AIUI those Cook framesets, even just the forks, are ridiculously valuable these days.

    Kind of makes me regret hacking the brake mounts off my Schwinn the other day. I stuck my coaster brake wheel in it and decided that I didn't like the vestigial canti posts so took the grinder to it.

  • Haha aye, I bought a donor bike for the wheels and based the geo on that, just stretched it out a bit.

  • Knocked third up last weekend and got out painted the other day.

    Got a “What the fuck?” from a kid about ten years old on my first ride on it today so think it’s a success.

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    • 2FBC5296-99C6-4F49-8896-352BE1EA8DC7.jpeg
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    • 39421A96-8066-4EF5-B686-ADDFBCFD80E4.jpeg
  • High praise indeed 😂

    I thought that first photo had fragmented or something there - that's brilliant, nice paintjob too, looks like a 90s GT Tequesta

  • as always, excellent

    would be v funny to see a brake installed with a monster cable loop, as if it was a normal bmx

  • This is so rad!!!

  • Really loving your work. The one you did for Maj looks a bit more sensible, but both look so much fun!

  • Now that @maj has posted some photos in her cp thread I’ll show this off here too.

    Seems like I was working on this for ages but it was a pretty complex build with the frame, fork and stem. Covid/Brexit didn’t help with timely deliveries of tubes and such and there was a bit of figuring out and also muscling of lugs into shape as I’ve ‘pulled’ the angles somewhat to get the desired geometry.

    Maj has been great though, truly excited by each and every update I sent even when it was to apologise for delays.

    There would have been simpler ways to make a frame set that does what this does and without Maj’s support and encouragement I’d definitely have resorted to them but I’m really glad I stuck with it.

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    • BD90245F-E0A9-4B6C-88AC-4DB5C424A1D9.jpeg
    • BADC5BED-AEAA-45EB-8D54-6295B7BE8B9D.jpeg
    • 152FB30A-5F75-411F-8FAE-9A8806DDCB02.jpeg
  • More photos.

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    • 4827714A-560E-449D-8E86-51BDA328EDFB.jpeg
    • 37B0310B-3CF4-4321-8C07-E1538D7EC53D.jpeg
    • 231D8300-CC8F-436B-AD66-C3E2102FC1E3.jpeg
  • That frame looks so good!
    A credit to you and @Maj both.

  • That is great in every way. Well done!

  • Added a new bike to the stable, a Kona Unit.

    I’d been thinking I’d build myself a proper (ie modern wheel size, disc mounts, big headtube, generous tyre clearance) mtb frame and I even have a tubeset tucked away for it but with another frameset build paid for and my wife wanting one after that it was going to be the wrong side of summer probably before I’d get round to it so when I see this on eBay at a decent price I just went for it.

    It’s already gotten some bars of my making (that I’ve realised I was meant to sell to @MCamb, sorry! I think with the delay in getting tubing for your stems I forgot all about these and only remembered when I was digging through my handlebars pile to see what I could put on this. If I decide I don’t like them on here then you have first refusal?) and I reckon I’ll build a replacement fork at some point (segmented or twin plate crown, bmx dropouts) and then eventually replace the frame too.

    Might also try gears on it but will have to hide the tattoos if I do that!

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    • DE7220AF-FED3-4B74-9386-8EE5F508BFDA.jpeg
    • 5AC45AC0-1039-4621-8353-260E2D93BF66.jpeg
    • CA6496B3-4CE7-43F0-861E-3B8843714481.jpeg
  • I'm looking forward to seeing how you will eventually modify this - and the inevitable paintjob upgrade. It looks like a lot of fun!

  • That looks like a lot of fun.

    Are the bars any stiffer by having that twin 'stem' brace?

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