• proper nice that!

  • Lovely, I really like the rear rack!

  • Always forget to update this thread.

    Most of my time recently has been spent on @Maj frame. It’s now looking decidedly frame shaped so I’m excited to move onto the fork and stem soon.

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  • I got a double plate wishbone seatstay thing lasercut for Maj’s frame and liked how it looked so I dug out a frame I had started ages ago and kind of abandoned when the pacenti fork crown I wanted to use for the seatstays didn’t work out.

    Just needs some cleanup and some details like mudguard mounts etc.

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  • Started on some mods to another frame for @lmananimal too.

    Went with doing the hardest (I hope) party first, additional chainstay tyre clearance via a slice of 3” tube.

    I had to disconnect and reconnect the hacksaw blade about 72,349 times to cut all the material out. I even ended up using two handles at one point, one threaded into the frame one way and one another way so I could cut this way then that way and so on.

    There’s a post mount brake mount to do and then some brake one and a steerer extension after this but that should all be relatively straight forward.

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  • But I got there in the end.

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  • Reminds me of the Hunter supercrown forks
    Looks very good imo!

  • You need a ginormous drill bit!

  • They are cool.

    Wonder how much the arch adds in terms of stiffness, omitting it for a purely segmented design would seem to offer increased tyre clearance in that instance.

    I got plenty of the 3” tube so I’ll be interested to try and use more it on something I’m building from scratch. Making space for it should be a lot easier then.

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  • Haha yeah that’d be cool.

    I did consider rigging something up in order to use a hole saw to do the cutting.

  • Oh, I also added a post mount to this Premium bmx frame which I have for sale now.

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  • Joke aside the tube/sleeve is a good alternative to yokes and maybe something you could do more of in the future?

  • I can't imagine it adding much to the segmented fork. A reason for adding it could be to close off the bottom of the fork to mud/dirt.

    Using it on the chain stays like you I can see it improving the stiffness like a chainstay bridge - with the stiffness improving linearly with the height of the tube section.

  • Just caught up on this thread and as always it doesn't disappoint. Love the restomod of the Flying Scot and the splatter do it all bike build looked awesome. Still tempted by some Wide as the Clyde® forks and I've just got the perfect ratty GT Tequesta for them. Question is, are they light enough to still pull wheelies?

  • Really love the wishbone seatstays on the Maj frame!

    Just stumbled across another broken Cotic on eBay, have you seen it? My SolarisMax is by far and away the best hardtail I've owned and this one looks like it'd be a fairly easy repair, if the price is right.


  • Surely you would speak to cotic about warranty?!

  • Dunno how I didn’t see this comment. I’d noticed the frame but I’ve got a fair bit on just now and it’d need stuff I don’t have to build it.

  • New bike day.

    Finished off the frame I put the double plate wishbone thing on, painted it and a Surly 1x1 fork with orange and then marble black Montana paint.

    Glad I got to photograph it today as I reckon it’s going to be bogging soon as I use it.

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  • Man, that looks so sick. You really nailed the paint.

    Was the double plate wishbone just to increase tyre clearance and be able to run track cranks?

    Ah, after reading the fixed off-road thread, it seems you were talking about the seatstays. It's just a regular yoke on the chainstays?

  • That is quite superb. Paint looks like a really smooth finish. Fantastic.

  • Fantastic paint and looks like real fun around town. Saddle must be a pain to ride though ;)

  • Paint looks like a really smooth finish.

    It really really isn’t! I sprayed the Orange before the primer was properly dry and it went all funny. That black marble stuff just does an amazingly good job of hiding it!

  • Yeah the double plate thing on the seatstays.

    The seatstays will clear a 2” tyre but the chainstays, even with the plate yoke thing on the ds, don’t have so much clearance.

  • Saddle must be a pain to ride though

    I find a bit nose up is the best way to run Cambium. This one might need adjusting but it felt pretty good on the 5 minute pootle about to take photos.

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