M_V's multitude of bikes and adventures in the land of framebuilding

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  • Really enjoying wishbone / ST interface.

    Want the downtube?

    Kind of yes! Want to braze it on for me? 👀

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  • Mate's all road shredder painted up and with the functional-ised Steamy fork to go with it.

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  • lovely

    (also where do you cop the schofferhofer stubbies ?!)

  • Cheers.

    On the beer, Morrison’s would you believe it?

    I’ve found the beer selection can be quite different between branches. The one 5 minutes away does these stubbies, the equal sized one ten minutes in the other direction does not but used to stock the big yin’s.

  • assuming 5 mins one is by loks and 10 mins is crossmyloof. will have a look in the 5... thanks

  • Haha yeah, sorry I just presumed you were a Londoner!

  • damn this is aweseome!

  • Cheers. I'm pretty jealous of the paintjob!

  • Some tidy looking brickwork as well...

  • Made a new cargo bike that rides a lot better than the first one.

    Not sure if it’s the extra stiffness or having the wheel further out infront but I’ll take it!

    Donor frame was a Marin Pine Mountain which I picked up cheap as the seat stays were bent up. Should be 27.5” and 142mm spaced but since I was putting new seat stays, reducing it to 26” and 135mm to work with parts I already had was no bother.

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  • I’ve also done my take on the Crust Clydesdale fork, I’m going to call this the Wide as the Clyde fork (you’ll get that if you’re from Glasgow).

    It’s a simpler way to make a cargo fork but does mean the load will be further forward so handling might be a problem. Will see later today hopefully.

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  • Always happy to see an update on this thread.

    Interesting and good looking stuff, as always.

    Looks a pretty narrow range of gears on the cargo though, have you ridden it loaded heavy yet?

  • Cheers!

    It’s the largest 5 cogs from a 7 speed block.

    Probably could do with a little more range but this is my only geared bike so anything is a luxury!

    Ridden it with that 32t chainring with a bit of a load on and I was only using the 2 highest gears really so I’ve since changed the chainring to a 36t.

  • This looks smart. What is the weight of it compared to for crust fork do you reckon ? Pretty simmilar I imagine ?

  • You're like an evil genius in an underground lair, I bet you chuckle ominously ALL THE TIME!

  • Haha, Sometime I do yeah!

  • Probably kinda similar. Can weight it once the paint I applied today dries.

  • My fork weighs 2.2kg.

    I couldn’t find a weight on the crust site but there was this sort of google result that says 11lbs which is damn near 5kg.

    I dunno if that’s right though.

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M_V's multitude of bikes and adventures in the land of framebuilding

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