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  • That is cool.

    I think that Raptor coat stuff has to be shot out of a proper paint gun though. It was one of the ones I looked at last time I looked into it.

  • I really like the orange peel hammerite finish you got on that bike. It's perfect for a beater bike. So much better looking than a cheap rattle can job and probably easier to apply and about the same cost

  • And harder wearing!

  • Yeah I’m a big hammerite fan.

    Would like to try some other hammered paints, I hear the rustoleum stuff is good.

    Definitely prefer the green Hammerite to the black, seems to go on a lot smoother. Another benefit of it is that it’s a lot easier to clean off than powdercoat and they texture makes it pretty easy to blend in touch ups and bird you’ve repainted after doing more brazing to etc.

  • I picked up a second hand cargo frame this week with some peeling cream powder coat in places. I plan to touch that up with the hammerite once i've wire wheeled the worst bits. wish me luck!

  • Nice, good luck!

    You got a thread for the build?

  • I might photo as I go and upload it all at once. I've not decided whether I'm gonna put some snazzier parts on yet (all an exercise in vanity on a 30kg bike anyway)

  • Got my rose joints in the mail this morning so put the steering linkage together.

    Had to make an extension for the tab on the ‘steered’ steerer as the short one I brazed on meant that swinging back and forth between full locks on the bars barely moved the front wheel.

    Christened it with a 20kg load going to the post office.

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  • ahhh thats so cool. I dont have the space to put a cargo bike but would love to build one.

  • That's ace!

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M_V's multitude of bikes and adventures in the land of framebuilding

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