• Picked up a couple Kona Velocity 1 1/8” quill stems at Bike for Good a month or so ago and finally got finished converting them to 31.8mm bar clamps.

    This was really just an exercise to give me practice, I’ll sell them now though I’m not sure there’s a huge market for 31.8mm 1 1/8” quill stems!

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  • Love. Price on the lower one?

  • £40 posted within the uk.

    Will hit it with a bit of lacquer or strip the rest of the paint off and rattlecan it for you for that price too.

  • Dibs. Let me measure the secretfrommywife bike I have at work... see if it actually fits me...!

  • Sounds good.

  • I've got that trailer. Its a Ridgeback brand (or at least mine is - Adventure I think). The bag is great. I also got mine for free.

    I didn't have the QR skewer at first and the clamps were broken so I attached it to some bolts through the mudguard eyelets on an old Raleigh Record Ace. Worked ok. I've got the axle now though.

    I used to get tons of groceries on that thing. Super stable once you get used to it.

    Not used it much in a while but it spent 5 years outside unused and is still fine. Currently in a pile up my shed.

  • Cool.

    I saw you can get 10mm nuts with the ball end thing to use it with a solid axle but they are pretty pricey so I was going to grab a pair of those axle extenders for stabilisers from halfords, braze a nut on the end and the turn it ball shaped on the lathe.

    Looked them up to post a pic,

    And turns out they are pretty cheap from SJS so will probably just grab a set from them.

  • Need those. Do you have a link?

  • Thank you! My google fu was weak

  • First time riding forks of my own making today. Actually didn’t realise that until I was back at home. Needless to say, no teeth were sacrificed.

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  • This bike's so sick! I'd strip the yellow paint from that middle tube though. :)

  • Man this bike is so cool. What made you decide to put the brake on the inside? Any particular reason or just something a bit different? Apologies if you have already discussed it

  • ha - my brain subconsciously deleted that tube out of the picture until you mentioned it

  • Cheers, I thought it might help maintain a clean look at the front.

    Bit of a throwback to Pace and Orange mtb forks too probably.

  • I like the yellow paint. It’d just be another tube without it, the paint gives it a story.

    Once I get done with version 2 I’ll decide which I want to keep and sell the other. If I keep this one I’d probably want to get the whole frame painted or powder coated anyway.

  • Nice, I think it definitely does. Also just thinking that it could be useful for mounting racks/baskets to forks with cantis, mine is very very close to the basket when its pulled

  • I’d really like to do it with cantis and one of the rocker things you used to get for Pace forks. Not easy to mount suck a thing on this crown though.

  • Hey ho, what are those sweet blue tinted tanwalls and where do I get some. (Bike is Sicck)

  • They are panaracer gravelking SKs

  • Yup, what oheyitsdrew said, Gravelking SK. Think I got em from Merlin as they were the cheapest.

  • Okay, thanks a lot!

  • Been killing time in lockdown by working on my cargo bike project.

    I've decided to go with a cycletruck style rather than the Omnium style I was originally going to do as I decided I don't need that much carrying capacity.

  • good work. Bmx fork ?

  • Yup, I'll be transferring the fork and wheel from the miniovelo thing.

    I'm also getting stuck into the scratch built version of it.

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