Anyone based in Cyprus?

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  • Alex and Panayiotis lets arrange an lfgss ride! Pirga Ayia Anna etc. Same distance from Nicosia Limassol and Larnaca !

  • The best local source seems to be this place here:πο&#94­8;ήλατα

    Some people also advertise here:!/podilateslef­kosias

    Finally you may want to ask the LBSs as they are often trying to help customers pass on their bikes in order to upgrade.

    Awol (Specialized, Orbea)
    Polys Bikes (Bianchi)
    Micromania (Trek)
    Agrotis (Giant)

    Don't expect to find the variety available in the UK.

    Let me know if you need any further info!

    Gives us a shout when you will be here!

    Awesome - thanks for this! Will definitely let you know how my plans work out.

  • Hi Cyprus fixies!

    My boyfriend and I are cycle touring and just arrived in Girne from Taşucu, Turkey a few days ago. We are headed up to the North Cap and then going to make our way down to the southern part of the island.

    We would love to meet up with some local riders while we are here. I think the plan is to ride through Larnaca and then to Nicosia and finally out towards Limassol.

    Scott needs to get a new chain ring (I think he has a 42), so any tips on good bike shops would be appreciated.

    Hope to meet some or all of you soon,

  • If you are in Nicosia I can arrange an evening ride along the green line with beers @ Brewfellas (craft beer garden) after the ride. I will pm you my email in case you want to get in touch directly.

    In terms of bike shops I can only help with Nicosia. See below including telephone numbers. I would call them before to make sure they have what you need (teeth count/ bcd etc).

    Awol (Specialized, Orbea) Tel. 22106367
    Polys Bikes (Bianchi) Tel.22511171
    Micromania (Trek) - Tel.22661517
    Agrotis (Giant) - Tel.22330470

    I hope you enjoy Cyprus!

  • Just realised I cannot pm you so feel free to respond here!

  • Wow , anyone who can help these guys ride around Cyprus/give them a place to crash or even just your company and advice, then you won't regret it - it's hard to imagine more fun and lovely people. Plus they're bad-ass bikers!

    Their fb page :­debikes

  • Great! Evening bike ride sounds amazing and Scott is a real beer lover.
    We just got to Famagusta and are headed to Larnaca before coming to Nicosia. Not sure when we will get there, but I will contact you before we get there.

    And thanks for the tips on bike shops.

  • Welcome to Cyprus !! Will wait to hear your impressions from Famgusta as I have never been (with our political situation).

    Give me some notice of when you will be coming to Nicosia as work is pretty hectic this period.

    Again welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay in Cyprus!

  • hey guys, welcome to cyprus

    give me a shout when you are in Larnaca as well

  • We are in Larnaca right now and would love to meet up. Not sure how long we will be in town, but for now we are staying at the Petrou Bros Apt hotel.

  • Thanks! We will let you know before we come. We were thinking about coming this weekend, but we might try to go to Limassol first to try to find a (cargo) boat to take us to Egypt. Or else we are flying. :(

  • My greetings and welcome to Cyprus.

    I was able to find this information which may be of some value to you:­res/High/Leaflet_cycling_in_Cyprus_lrg.p­df

    Cyclist magazine did a very nice article on a recent trip to Cyprus. Would you have any way of finding a copy. This is the side of the guys who hosted them­news/131-cyclist-magazine-the-big-ride-c­yprus

    I am sure they will be able to answer all your questions.

    In general July and August are very warm (mid 30s to low 40s) so cycling from 11am to 4 pm is not advisable.

    In terms of road cycling Troodos mountain is very good (nice scenery, smooth tarmac and roads not very busy during weekdays). The climb to Macheras mountain is also nice.

    I am not into mountainbiking so I wouldn't be any help on that. The only thing I know is that there are numerous downhill and cross country paths and there are no restrictions on where you can go or what you can do. You can search for Cyprus downhill on you Tube and talk to the guys commenting under the videos.

    Hope that helps

  • I am bumping in case any more Cypriots have joined the forum recently!

    Have a great weekend all and keep on riding!
    Lets see who wins the sprint on Sunday?!

  • hey, im going to be in L/ca during the week before christmas if anyone fancies wandering around the town. there are some nice cafes... (i will be taking one of my bikes for company, and would be nice to have a little group of fixies in town.. :) ) George, your comment about riding by the green line sounds interesting...but is there any public transport from L/ca to Nicosia that can allow a bike on too?

  • bumping again for news

    I'm going to visit Cyprus in mid february for 3 weeks, will have base(my friens lend me a house) in Avgorou, but want to ride all across the island. I suppose I'd better choose road bike? or fixie? Any mustsee roads/places?

    appriciate any help

  • back on the island next week, for 8 days, with bike. anyone around? would love a ride somewhere new...still interested in the ride along the green line.... (is it safe or am i going to end up in "no -man's land")? pm me if you fancy it or something else x @lsegeorge ?

  • Old thread revival, who's based in Nicosia?

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Anyone based in Cyprus?

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