• yes i'm def on for it.

  • Sunday 24th? In.

  • Can't do this weekend :(

  • Not even before you start work, Jimmy?

  • Depends, but theoretically I'm in.

  • Walk of shame? Nice...

  • Don't know what you are talking about slain...

  • Ok, I'm in. but I'm only getting up if we have six definites on the list by tomorrow evening.

  • i'm tempted but there's so much engineering works going on at the moment i'd have to leave the house at 6.00. Nice to see you guys are so keen though.

  • do it cam. the velodrome needs to see your blind watson.

  • OK, I need a cut off...

    Let's say midday tomorrow... If we don't have six, it's a no-go...

  • OK, I'm calling this... See you all next week (25th Nov) for a 12pm-3pm session...

  • really? fuck it, i'll probs go down to sp anyway #;)

  • There's still time, Iain'll be at the track 'til later today...

    Any last minute takers?

    Do It!

  • shame, some carpe diem polo would have been fun, if a little early.

    Will try to get a pass for next week, unlikely though.

    also, how's about merging this thread with the south thread, so more people read it?

  • Scratch that just found out I have to work

  • OK, I'm calling this... See you all next week (25th Nov) for a 12pm-3pm session...

    Would we be able to get a breakfast (8-10am) session / if there were six people on for it? I can't do 12 to 3...

  • Nope, 12-3pm this week...

  • in this weekend

  • we on for sunday? Woot MF!

  • In. Would like earlier too (just for more time! :), but 8 is crazy early! :)

  • Just to put the record straight...

    There is no 8am polo this Sunday, there is a track session starting at 9am that will finish at 12pm...

    We can play bicycle polo between 12pm and 3pm on the bicycle polo court...

    Apologies if I've left anything out...

  • What's happening at 3.00?

  • Well 12-3 was the cancelled cross race, so could be they are booked out either side with private stuff.

  • I love bicycle polo

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Welcome to the DragonDrome - Herne Hill Velodrome bike polo Planning and Discussion

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