• /\ Nice. Would make a nice avatar picture, B!

  • Looks like Yehuda Moon.

  • Best bike polo court in London.

  • ^^ Ha! So true.

  • Best fun polo in London... So good to see the ravenous terrapin way down south...

  • Mans. Is this only going to ever happen on Sundays? If so I need to negotiate a new rota at work.

  • This was so much fun yesterday. Apart from Bills xenophobia. Not appropriate when he is a foreigner in these lands. ;)
    Great polo attitude, so smooth, warm, just the right amount of people (dont change that rota jimmy) Once we have those nets its gonna be boss.

  • I think Sunday is the official slot we've Ben allocated but once the nets are up we can play all day every day.

  • AWESOME court, ideal for a sunny sunday! can't wait for the nets!

  • Track's busy this weekend (unless you wanna do 8am-10am), next available slot will be 12-3pm on 25th November...

    Regular 12-2pm slots after that (maybe longer, I'm in discussion about that as we speak)...

  • What is happening with the nets? Did the meeting take place? The conway flag poles are good. I've asked for £500.00 sponsorship but need to get the vinyl team to help. JC? We have money why are we not just doing it? Not hassling anyone in particular.

  • I've got the details for the vinyls guy from Phil... Surely we haven't got artwork from the sponsors yet? They don't know the specs...

    That 'meeting' was more of a 5 minute chat, I'd like to have a proper sit down/serious talk about it to be honest...

  • PS From December we should be OK to do 11am-2pm most weeks...

  • my fiends restaurant is happy to buy two £250 vinyls, thats what HH sell them for the track i figured we should do likewise. I hoped that would cover the posts/poles.

  • Wow that's awesome B!

  • Like all budgets, it has to be spent. I cant really go back in 3 months time and say "ok remember that advertising i told you about?" we need to keep the pace going, were doing well. +itivity!

  • Would do the early breakfast session.

  • Probs would as well.

  • Do you mean 8-10am on Sunday? I might be able to swing that

  • If we can get 6, I'll book it...

    We'll have to be there a bit earlier to get the boards up... Sunrise is 0723...

    Still interested?

  • Met Office says dry but overcast, 7ºc...

  • I'll need to get permission (sigh)... will ask her tonight.

    Might be able to though, looks like tonight at Newington isnt going to materialise.

  • I'll need to know ASAP, I don't wanna dick HH about...

    Do we have six?

  • HH will let me have some keys tomorrow night so we can open up on Sunday morning...

    **Sunday 17th 8am-10am Dragondrome session
    **1. Coach

    1. B
    2. Kevron
    3. JoeSlain
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Welcome to the DragonDrome - Herne Hill Velodrome bike polo Planning and Discussion

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