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  • I'm struggling to replace the pad inserts on my 8 speed Athena brakes. The little bastards are 25% in but won't slide any further.

    The NOS pads are a little hard, so not squishy and compliant like new pads.

    My kingdom for a clever hack!

  • Stuff always slides in easier with a bit of lubrication...

    A bit of soapy water or grease buster should help?

  • This ^ or a dab of washing up liquid.

  • Marvellous, thanks

  • A young man who was being proactive used blue mordant t-wash instead of purple meths spirits to degrease a £60 chain.

    Question 1- is it unusable as a bike chain, ie now unsafe for hard use?

    Question 2- the metal garage guys who use the t-wash say it’s for etching galvanised steel. What did it do to this stainless chain? It looks as if it were made of copper.

    — Learnt it’s an acid etch. So basically corroded tf out of the chain in under a minute.

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  • Get a new, cheaper one.

  • Anyone had issues running SRAM MTB cassettes with Shimano chains or on Shimano road freehubs? Replaced a 11-40T Shimano MTB cassette with 11-42T SRAM MTB cassette (with the spacer) and it doesn't like the biggest cog even though the RD seems ok with getting the chain there, the B screw is pushing the upper pulley away far enough and the L limit is backed right out.

    Writing that, I didn't think about the trim/microadjuster being way off in one direction so I'll have to test that. Just wondering if there's some basic mistake with trying this combo (other than the obvious one which was buying SRAM shit in the first place).

  • Fucking answered my own question didn't I.

    Now it makes me wonder if the SRAM cassettes don't need the spacer. Didn't think microadjustments would make up for 1.8mm though. Hmm.

    Oh, maybe just the jump to 42T changed the angles enough to need a tune and as usual I adjust everything else first.

  • 2 in a day! Came in to finish the job and thankfully the bikes obliged.

    One last one stubbornly wouldn't budge, with about 20cm in the seat tube...

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  • Anyone dealt with Microtech headsets?

    I have a Pinarello track frame to work on and it has this headset. Replacement headsets seems to be impossible to find.

    There are some ancient forum posts around saying a 6806 bearing fits but in at least one of the threads saying this there's someone else saying they didn't fit for them.

    Wondering if the original bearings were really just simple cartridge bearings or if there was a bit more to them.

  • Hey guys!
    I'd like to add some purple parts to my current build (seatpost collar, headset, some chainring bolts etc.)

    What'd you prefer? Parts made by Hope or Wolftooth?

  • I'll go Hope just because they're UK made. They also make a lot of other bits so you could swap them as you go along.

  • I’m hoping to change the steerer tube on an old set of range switchblades, seems like a pretty straightforward job, anyone have any tips? Plan is to buy a rst 1” threaded straight steerer and new crown race mount for the switchblade.

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  • Sorry if this is a noob question but wondering what tool I’m looking for to adjust this Stronglight headset. Had a google and can’t seem to find anything

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  • It's called a Stronglight X94 - the tool looks like this

    Internet says SJS used to sell them but no longer.

    Looks like you might get lucky with a bb lockring tool and some old inner tube. Or even just wrap it in inner tube and use a pipe wrench

    edit: might be worth calling Hillary Stone­

  • can confirm that the required tool X94 is super rare but you can adjust the headset with a strap wrench.

  • Thanks! Will either try to find this rare tool or bodge my own.

  • I went through the same on my Cannondale, the strap wrench worked perfectly, £11 from Toolstation­43/?offset=50#comment16850396

  • Cheers a strap wrench seems the easy fix. Any clue how much the headset is worth?

  • Asked this in the carradice thread too but.. Saddle min/max markers are out of whack with a bagman support on.. Time to worry? Different seatpost?

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  • I've seen considerably worse than that, I think you'll be fine

  • I was looking at getting a used set of Zipp SL 70 Aero Handlebars and matching stem as an upgrade to my stock cannondale alu ones.

    I used phoned my LBS that said they would highly recommend not using second hand bars and they would refuse to install them due to any potential mishaps in the future.

    Is that reasonable? Are used bars potentially so dangerous?

  • If they had been in a crash they could be potentially, I guess that’s something they couldn’t necessarily rule out.

    They’re easy enough to fit yourself though.

  • Potentially yes, probably no. Saving themselves the bother of unlikely potential problems and a likely pain in the arse job having to sort the internal routing.

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Mechanics and Fixing Any Questions Answered

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