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  • It'll be fine, but you could make it better if you really want.

  • Any tips to make it better? I'm cursed with bad luck sometimes so don't want to be stuck in the dark rain without lights

  • I've never done anything to improve the plug connection and never had it give me any trouble.

  • I really wouldn't bother, they're generally fine unless you pull the wheel out without disconnecting them or occasionally they get water in and corrode over time, but that's usually caused by overwashing with a hose or pressure washer, so don't do that and maybe check the connections after winter.

  • Way back when we had some conductive grease that we used on the connectors occasionally

  • I've used dielectric grease to remedy corroding electrcal connectors successfully quite a few times now. It was only needed in extreme cases though, in most cases it wasn't even needed. It's non conductive though.

  • Thanks for the responses, that's good to hear nothing additional needs doing. One less thing to think about

  • Very strange. Its a rear qr zonda hub? Pics?

  • is this a 110 boost fork or a 'centred' 110mm fork like an old school suspension fork with 20mm axle? I guess get a CL-6bolt adaptor and a boost adaptor and put them togther, unless someone makes boost adaptors for CL. If it is centred and not boost just add spacers either side and see how the disc likes it. I recently went from a 110 axled wheel and fork to a 100mm fork and the same wheel by filing down the hub end caps, didn't do anything else and disc sat in caliper like nothing had changed

  • 5mm Allen and 17mm spanner on drive side lock onto each other like cup and cone setup.

    Drive side should have a preload come that is then fastened in place with a 2.5mm Allen once correct bearing pressure is set.

    Ignore the first video you see on Google. He has reassembled in the incorrect order. This may be your issue.

  • I struggle to assess rim wear.
    Are these rims worn out?

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  • Impossible to tell from that particular photo. If you hold something flat (edge of credit card is popular) against the braking surface you'll be able to see how concave or not the surface is. If you can see a large crescent of daylight between the straight edge and the braking surface then they're on the way out, but precisely when they are worn to dangerous levels is hard to say.

    Some rims have a braking wear mark on them which disappears when the surface is significantly worn down, but it varies between manufacturers and rims. If they feel super concave, you've had them for yonks, you're a heavy rider, you ride in hilly areas, you ride in the rain, you ride in gritty conditions, or any of the above, and you're not quite sure - perhaps bin them. I've seen rims explode while riding and even burst when left out in the sun (tyre and tube expand in the heat and pop through the wafer-thin braking surface).

    Those are extremes though and you may have 1000s of kms left in them!

  • Thanks, credit card suggests perfectly flat. Second hand bike so hard to say on useage, definitely quite old rims but seems not used that much. Will buy some new brake pads/clean them and see if this gives a cleaner braking feel.

  • I bought one of these and it's good for cleaning all the brake dust off the track, gets rims looking as good as possible:­clean-rim-cleaner

  • Hozan also do a few

  • It's a boost fork. I figured out some of this, but then realised that's like three different adapters, so I just went for an SP hub with appropriate specs. Thanks though.

  • Also I'm not sure where to ask, but does anyone know a frame builder around east Scotland (Fife, Dundee, or Perth area pref) that could fit some canti mounts on a steel frame?

  • Andrew Armour is in Edinburgh.

  • Andrew Armour

    Thanks, sent them an email.

  • Great tool, I need one.

  • Someone has probably had this problem already, post mount RX4 caliper hits the adapter. 160mm rotor, 20mm adapter. Seems like it needs one with more of a dip between the posts. Have people had success with Hope ones? Ideally a cheaper option would be better. Links to adapters that work please!

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  • might be dumb but does the adaptor go the other way around?

    if not, assuming this works­-disc-brake-adaptor-post-to-post-/rp-pro­d13728

  • might be dumb but does the adaptor go the other way around?


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  • Ordered the Hope one. I am heavily invested in their adapters now, I've spent more on adapters than these brakes cost me.

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Mechanics and Fixing Any Questions Answered

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