Mechanics and Fixing Any Questions Answered

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  • On the seatstay proper or on the dropout/seatstay?

    First thoughts:
    Wheel seated properly?
    Bent hanger or derailleur?
    Hub loose or not centred on axle?
    Freehub loose?
    H Limit screw?
    Loose cassette?
    Really strange chain line?

    Also, a sunrace on a Chris king??

  • Everything is fitted properly but it seems that the cassette sits closer to the dropout on this CK 130mm hub than the previous 135mm Deore...

  • What size wheel is meant to go in the frame?

  • Thinking of drilling aluminium fork to add a brake to track frame.
    Is it a simple enough job at home or one for the bike shop? My only real concern is not having the proper tools (drill press/proper vice).
    Any advice super helpful.
    Cheers :)

  • You may risk opening a can of worms and killing a puppy. You always have the option to source a fork that is designed for a brake.

    If you do drill it, I recommend using a centre punch to mark the holes and I recommend starting with a 2-3 mm drill bit and working up incrementally to the size you need. This would be my way to avoid misalignment.

  • Thanks so much! Thinking if I do go for it I'll just keep it real and go for no brakes.

  • Are single chainring bolts all the same length or is there a specific length I need for a standard 144bcd track chainring?
    For example, would these work?­ucts/set-of-5-chainring-bolts-nuts-for-1­x

  • For road use a bike needs 2 brakes

    Don’t be a Charlie Alliston

  • Hello mechanic friends.
    If I place a regular thick plastic cassette spacer behind the cassette to tighten down a 10 speed cassette on a Mavic wheel am I asking for trouble? It tightened fine and everything is indexing correctly but will it eventually fail?

  • As long as:

    • The lockring is engaging enough threads on the freehub (at least 2 full turns)
    • The smallest sprocket is engaging with the end of the splines
    • The chain and lockring are n't touching the frame.

    You're probably ok.

  • I'll just keep it real stupid and go for no brakes.

    fixed that for you.

  • You know ppl have literally killed others and had to do jail time for keeping it real?

  • Ah! This... Soz... Repost.

  • I've fitted a Praxis M30 BDA BB with Zaynte crankset, feels really draggy.

    I've tried both 1mm and 2mm spacers between the cup and crankset.

    Has anyone had this with these BBs?

  • Thanks, appreciate it!

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Mechanics and Fixing Any Questions Answered

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