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  • Overkill or not overkill... if you're in doubt just chuck it and use a new split link.

  • It’s probably very anecdotal but have you ever heard of a split link opening itself up? I’ve not.

  • Never had a problem reusing chain links, or heard anyone having it. Always have a spare one in my bag anyways in case my chain dies.

  • I've never opened one up while riding, but I have snapped a couple SRAM "non reusable" links when opening them up to take off the chain. Shimano ones seem rock solid even after several uses though.

  • I remove my chain to clean every 300mi or so, that means roughly 12 times before the chain (and shimano/kmc quick link) is binned. Never had a problem.

  • It's only some of the >=11 speed ones that advertised as not reusable. And even then not all manufacturers.

    The ridges of metal that hold the pins are pretty tiny. I suspect once worn they'd pop open sideways rather than lengthways. The chain going slack doesn't exert much force.

  • I think sram have said not to reuse them since 10speed

  • According to:­es/powerlock

    "SRAM chain engineers developed PowerLock as a tool free, sure and consistent way to connect our 10 speed chains. While PL does not require special tools for install, the especially tight tolerances of 10 Speed drive trains mandated that each PowerLock is good for a one-time application only."

  • KMC makes 2 types of 11 speed quick links. One is re-usable, the other isn't. It says 're-usable' or 'not re-usable' on the packaging. Such as this .

  • Good call, though Can’t find anyone with the 12 speed ones in stock…

  • Sintered pads on a disc marked resin only......firey death?

    It’s on a Polo bike

  • Polo is more likely to cause an injury

  • The rotors go shitty quite quickly.

  • Is this a wh-6700 freehub? Is there a cheaper compatible alternative (rather than £31).

    Is the WH-R501-R freehub compatible? They’re a tenner cheaper. It’s just for a turbo wheel.

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  • I bough lt some LB whee with a Shimano 11 speed free hub because I’m tired of expensive Campagnolo cassettes. I have just loosely installed the Shimano cassette (thanks @Pifko) but removed this washer and rubber shim that was on the freehub first as I figured these were spacers for running a 10 speed cassette. Is this correct?

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  • Yes remove the spacer. I had a debate at work about the rubber gasket, in our case wouldn’t freewheel with it on.

    — looking at your pic it looks like a plastic shim. Is it hard plastic or flexible rubber?

  • It's a FH-6500 hub

  • It's very flexible, and its profile is round not flat...

  • Any help on what a suitable freehub is?

  • Same issue as me then. I couldn’t get the freehub to free wheel with it on, but I was stressed as heck so might’ve made a mistake. My boss claimed that a colleague made the thing work with the rubber gasket installed, but I never confirmed. Your mileage may vary, I’d suggest installing it and see if its spins freely.

    Would be worth taking a pic of the inside for folks here to double check/confirm.

    Look under 'Body transplantation' a bit down that page. Not sure if that's the info you need, but might be a good place to start.

  • I have never bought specific bike cleaning brushes thinking that they are consumables and will create plastic waste. I just repurpose toothbrushes but takes ages.

    Whats my least worst environment friendly option?

  • I just use all clothes I'm gonna put in the bin as rags. But I have a parts washer at job anyways.

  • When using a larger cassette than is recommended for a rear derailleur (GRX 810 ((34T "max")) with a 40T) what is the worst that can happen?

    Shitey shifting or catastrophic failure?

    Thinking in a long distance touring context.

  • Think it’s quite possible the derailleur won’t be able to shift onto the larger rings at all.

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Mechanics and Fixing Any Questions Answered

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