01FIX1 - Wednesday Night Rides.

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  • Weekly rides out to somewhere nice, usually beer involved.

    New faces are always welcome. There is a Facebook group for these rides (search 01FIX1) but for those not on Facebook I will try to update this thread with details of rides.

    Make sure you bring spare inner tubes, lights and tools etc...

    We usually meet at Pub/Zoo at 6pm, aim to start riding by 6.30pm.

    Winter is coming but that never stopped us last year. (Rule #5, Rule #9)


  • This may turn out to be a dumb question but is everyone on these rides riding fixed?

  • yes they do fella

  • Fxd4lyf.

  • Skiiiddeeerrrrzzzz.

    Meet tomorrow at 6pm, pub/zoo.

  • Like what you've done here dope-dawg its always nice to see new faces out on a wednesday! As per usual we shall be riding from "The Pub"/"Zoo" this fine evening and its looking to be somewhere around a positively balmy 20 degrees!

    get down kids for bikes and booze!

    see you later

  • aye get down, although if you dont do a wickedcoolawesome skid upon arrival expect to be shunned.*

  • Weekly Wednesday night ride (weather permitting... also see rules 5 and 9)

    New faces always welcome, no route planned, but lets tear it up.

    Nights are drawing in and the weather is starting to turn so remember to bring LIGHTS, LOCKS and WEATHER APPROPRIATES and most importantly SPARE TUBES / TOOLS etc.

    Meet at "The Pub" on Grosvenor Street at 6pm to ride out for 6:30.


    I wont actually be there, but you should all go.

  • I meant to get involved with this tonight but missed the start time by about an hour. 6pm next week?

  • we meet up between 6 and 6.30 but dont usually set off riding until around 7pm.

  • also, find the 01FIX1 Facebook group, there is usually discussions on there about where we're going to ride to. It's a private group but lemme know your FB name and I'll make sure I approve you.

  • Thanks, hope to join you soon. Not on FB ... maverick wannabe.

  • I shall also join you for a ride soon!

  • Solo ride tonight :( Who's up for next week?

  • Possibly yeah.

  • Cool, I'll post nearer the time.

  • I'd also be up for this... WNRs will be 'organised' again, through Facebook, after the clocks change, but in the meantime, YES!

  • Yeah, I've just been mad busy with other stuff and not been doing any riding (other than commuting)

    Need to get back on it.

  • @c0gsucker your commute's getting progressively longer... You're going to be a machine!

  • You'd think so but I'm probably the least fit I've been in a long time. 😢

    Having gears has made me soft.

  • Alright, I'm in for sure. Meet 6pm-ish at Pub/Zoo for 6:30pm ride?

  • Not for me tonight, sorry... Almost skint so need to throw some stuff on 01FIX1/eBay, and I told my girlfriend I'd meet her as well. D'oh!

  • ahhh I've only just seen this, I've come to work on my road bike and I'm not up for riding home to swap bikes and be back in town for that time. It would be an extra 20 miles on my day, 30 if you count riding home again after the 01FIX1 ride.

  • Ah no worries.

  • It's in the diary for next week (!!):

    Had booked that day off work to go to the track, but Shane Sutton & Team GB have stolen the session (post-World Track Champs debrief?). Grrh.
    Just realised that's also pay day. Wahoo!

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01FIX1 - Wednesday Night Rides.

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