Colnago Oval CX

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  • Right, had a right hard-on for a Colnago Super/Mexico (largely driven by this object of my affections­ico-198182/ ) about this time last year, and whiled away many (many) an hour searching for a decent frame that could be either ridden in it's sold stated, or used as a donor frame to build up a black one (with the signature yellow cabling)...So I eventually built up a rather large network of used/vintage bike sale sites in my favourites list, though it was good ol' common or garden ebay that eventually gave me a paintwork chipped Junior in cream (which, to this day, has survived un-resprayed - it really is nice in the flesh)­/danwaltonphotos/Colnago%20Junio/8017300­269_013e0f78dc_o_zps45d816a3.jpg

    However, whilst browsing, I noticed 'one of those' silly price ebay ads aimed at the US/Japan collectors market that had a fully blinged model called an Oval CX that went for $5-6k or something. Had a look into it, and it did look rather tasty, and I have always had a soft spot for odd tubing and early internal cabling (and Colnago's). Eg...­57cm-Pantographed-Campagnolo-super-recor­d-group-EXCELLENT-/321192711010?pt=US_Bi­cycles_Frames&hash=item4ac893d362 ($4k without wheels...)

    So I lusted over them for a bit, then I remembered an ad on the French cycling gumtree-esque site, Troc Velo, that advertised a "colnago oval", with very little description and a very fuzzy picture (this one):

    He also wanted 500eur for it - which seemed pretty cheap. I was still in Colnago fever mode, and it seemed like bargain of the century. Infinitely cynical at online sellers, I wasn't even sure it would be the real thing, though the rear brake run underneath the seatstay gave me enough encouragement to chase it up with a pm on the site.

    Anyway, turns out the guys is a 73 year old frenchie that gave up cycling, and has this gathering dust. Solely through the virtue of google translate I initiated contact with him, and thought nothing of it. 10 days later I'm on an anniversary break with the missus, and get a call from a French number, that had me doing my best Allo Allo down the phone to the guy who spoke (proper rural) French and who I soon established was Henri the colnago seller. It ended with me bellowing "mon amis est telephonner mercredi" thinking I could find a french speaking pal to speak to him during the week. Got back from weekend break, couldn't be arsed to find a French speaking mate, and proceeded to return pigeon french (again, thanks to Google translate), and long (no, really) story short, we established he would sell it to me, and I convinced him to set up a paypal account and stick it in the post (I took some time to convince him to do paypal, as I was still 90% sure it was a fraud or fake). It wasn't til it turned up in the office that my fairly mild dream came true. There's a chip, it's been oddly powdercoated the most unappealing dark blue imaginable, but at least it's here, and my project for my perfect Colnago began...

    So I had some ideas, either go black to match my dream Mexico/Super colnago earlier posted, or a nice light blue (not dissimilar to the cinelli laser blue - for colnagos they call it 'Zabel blue' apparently). Get everything panto'd that can, and I want a disc wheel (Khamsin) on the back. Decals (taht are pretty similar to the Mexico/Super ones, though with a hint of moody orange that I'm less keen on.) will be yellow (cheers to Colnago Costa), as will the cabling be.

    I've been a bit of a (massive) dick on ebay and I think I may have part funded the shit pantograph terrorism industry (more on that later), and the wheel has been sourced, so I'm ready to go.

    However, my first stumbling block is the colour. I've decided against black (I have 2 other black bikes, and I may still respary my beige Junior black), and my baby blue ideas are being swayed by these 2 examples that look a bit shit.­7cm-Pantographed-Campagnolo-super-record­-group-EXCELLENT-/00/s/MTYwMFgxNTg1/z/Bf­gAAOxyHWJSGNHB/$(KGrHqRHJEkFH8GnLpRhBSGN­HB,()g~~60_57.JPG
    (^This one looks a lot more turquisey/brighter than I was going for, though I still don't think it looks all that)

    (^ Whilst this has more chrome on the lugs, and looks a better blue than the first one, I'm still not convinced)

  • This guy has some great bikes including a cx if you missed it:

  • This guy has some great bikes including a cx if you missed it:

    What's with the rear brake on the inside of the bridge?

  • ^More aero when reversing.

    I had seen that Ray Dobbins...Tbh I've done pretty much every google images search for a few hundred rows!

  • Very nice find!
    I agree Oval CX's are overpriced. (I'm the seller of the 4k one on ebay! haha..)
    Choosing a paint color is difficult on these as highlighting the oval tubing and detailled frame and lug work is a big portion of why these are so popular. I think lighter colors are best suited for them but I think your black idea sounds nice as well. Maybe doing the pantographs and lettering on the frame in white would look great. Saw a master frame in black on ebay a while ago and looked wonderful. Something similar to this.

    I'm sure you'll develop a wonderful relationship with this bike just as I have and after seeing what only some frames are selling for (plus 2,000 even without seatpost!)
    It'll be hard to let it go for anything less in the future ;)
    Seatpost is extremely tricky to find so please be careful with it! Reproduction decals are pretty easy to sort out online. Lovely to see yours also has the shifter mounting on the top of the downtube and the cables through the frame, some had normal cable routings and in my taste much less appealling that way. Good luck with the build and if you run into any problems don't hesitate to send a message and maybe I can help out.

  • Back from Argos following a respray...

  • Very nice. I have a non terrorised orig Colnago panto Oval CX stem in black if required

  • Good Choice ! If you had done black people wouldn't notice it's an Oval CX while cycling by unless they were Ernesto Colnago, with the blue everyone will be like
    ''Wow, I Just saw a Colnago Oval CX''

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Colnago Oval CX

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