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  • I though we could do with a separate thread for our own videos. So if you've been involved in a video, either filming or riding, then post it up.

    I'll start it off with my latest edit.
    Would you mind telling me just what the hell you're working on? on Vimeo


    This is old, but Chrisbmx116 filmed this, about 3 years ago, of me, at Cantelowes (Camden). On a shit old iphone.... Haaa

  • That's cool. I've just stumbled across the Wednesday blog as well, there's some real nice pictures and some even nicer dirt jumps on there. I wish I'd learnt to blast through a proper set of trails but nothing local survived the kids and pit bikes, and I'm too busted to commit to the big stuff now.

  • ^^thats really nice.

  • Ha, cheers! That's myself and Chris' mess of a website.

    Never too old to learn em though, no matter how broken... A friend of ours got back into riding and riding trails about 8 years back, at 35 (ish) after a 15 year rave scene hiatus, haaaa....

    He is now 43 and getting better. Went to PA last year and rode Posh and Catty Woods...! It's not like he used to be some big shot back in the day or anything, just really keen now, pays off.

  • Damn, that's a proper success story!

    I've got a load of metalwork in my foot and it's constantly in my mind when I go for bigger stuff, trails just put me too far off the ground for my liking.

  • At my age the best I can manage is clearing the jump box, but happy to be getting some low-level radness

  • first good ffs edit I ever watched

  • This is old, but Chrisbmx116 filmed this, about 3 years ago, of me, at Cantelowes (Camden). On a shit old iphone.... Haaa

    that was dead grouse

  • This was the result of an afternoon at one of the local parks.
    Cascades on Vimeo

  • really enjoyed that cascades edit, creative tech tricks really get me wanting to try out new stuff
    Has anyone else been messing around with pedal ice(?) grinds 0.20, im enjoying them but finding it hard to get any distance on them

  • Tytus KuliÅ„ski - Fall 2012 on Vimeo

    last year video. Twisted my ankle 2 weeks ago... I hope that the weather will be good enough to end filming for newest edit.

  • 360 tyregrab ET. Impressive, I learnt flyout 360 tyregrabs ages ago but I can't comprehend fitting a full pedal in whilst doing it.

    You've got a really unique style, it's cool. Make sure you post the new edit when it's done.

  • ^Thanks for that constructive input.

  • Awesome man

  • Only edit I've ever been in and it's 4 years old LEAN STREET PUTTING IN WORK on Vimeo

    . I'm the fat one with the two red tyres (48 homer to supra e rear with 36t tree guard sprocket! Ya dun noe)

    Still ride with this same folk, except we're now MUGLIFE rather than lean bmx, but who knows. Maybe one day we'll make mug life t shirts like we did lean ones. All Kingston area.

    Edit, just found this edit I didn't even know existed. All filmed at kingston skatepark (RIP) Sam Baker and Mark Carroll Lost footage of old K-Town park on Vimeo

    Aaaalso found this, self filmed edit from a couple years ago Untitled on Vimeo

    Having just watched all of this, it would seem that as my hair has fallen out and my weight has increased, I have gotten sufficiently worse at bmx ahaha

  • I'm feeling them. Good song choices and you've got some tricks. That school(?) setup with all the brick ledges looks fun.

  • Nice vids Sam

  • bmxed: Yeah that's Greycourt school round Ham way. Free as a bird on the weekend, never been busted. There's a couple curved wallrides there too but I'm terrified of them.

    Thanks man. It's weird how despite having taken many long breaks from bmx since they were all filmed, even today my style (or severe lack of) has not changed one bit. Guess I'll never change ahah

    Went down (new) kingston today and hurt myself a lot learning crankish slides. Now I need to find a nice flat rail to mess around on


    This started off as more of a front pedal feeble till I got the bottle to drop the front wheel over to make it more cooler. worst ever was front right peg catching at the bottom and sending me over the bars.
    tl;dr crank slides are fun


    (100000000000000 attempts this took, kept on dropping the nose too early as I lost speed and came very close to head butting the handrail to the right [my left])
    Apologies for butchered instagram pic, there is gopro footage of this (and me falling off too many times) which I will try and get a hold of

  • Quick post work session from the park yesterday.

    switch footed funsies.­843_416276451
    switch op feeble, switch feeble easy 180, switch 360

  • need help with 180s, i can get just over a 100, i want to be able to get into fakie. are there any secrets

  • The trick with 180s is the little carve before them. Just before you pick the front up to bunnyhop steer left/right (whichever is your natural spinning direction) slightly and then pop. When you've started to spin looking over your shoulder will help maintain the rotation, this is more important with 360s. It also helps to be nice and comfortable with bunnyhops (the proper ones where the front comes up first), so ride about and hop up everything you can because getting used to that pop will give you more time to spin.

    If you can find a little flatbank to try them out of it will let you get a better idea of the motion, but learning them on flat will mean you can do them anywhere.

    Stick with it, once your comfortable with them they open up so much with fakie lines.

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Post your tricks

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