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  • That's pretty much the same case as the genome stuff. We just don't know enough about the interactions between "bits" that it's possibly irresponsible to attach values to an x or a y.

  • so their idea of normal or baseline may be completely arbitrary

    Part of the aim is to learn more about the Microbiome.
    The muffins are standardised across the study, the controlled factor, and as you suggest everyone's response will differ in response to the breakfast muffin overload. This is what they're measuring.

  • Update on the Zoe nutrition programme.

    I'm weeks into the programme

    It's brilliant, taught me loads of stuff, much being counterintuitive

    It's based on real science

    It educates about science based nutrition, not a whiff of fad

    It's personalised to your own response to glucose, fats and gut health

    It's easy in that you're never hungry

    The coaches are responsive and engaged, which I suspect, is due to the fact that I am a lab rat and they want longer term data

    The app is brilliant

    I've learnt:
    Combinations of foods balance each others potential negative effects out

    Fibre is good, but not as accessible in some of the foods I thought it was

    To notice my hunger and satisfy it with amazing snacks

    Many new recipes and food combos

    If you binge on hotdogs you can rectify their negative effect (that's an example, haven't eaten a hotdog, will eat a pizza soon)

    The current outcomes are that I'm rarely hungry, enjoying more varied foods, seem to have lost weight (unintentionally), have more energy.

    So pm me if you want a referral
    (Full disclosure: I get a free month for each referral)

  • What does it normally cost? What is it - they give you diet plan or actual food?

  • I'm curious too.

    So I get from your messages:

    • Analysis phase, pay for the app + tests + expensive muffins that stress the body to make the tests more acurate.
    • Ongoing phase.

    You're only just going to the ongoing phase, but what is that and what are the costs there? They supply all food? They tell you what to cook and provide recipes? Or is it just ongoing analysis?

    Their website is terribly vague on that.

    What I'm looking for is something that will work despite my having a lot of business travel and stuff.

  • Actually found stuff in their FAQ (not obvious on the main site):

    The total cost of the test kit is £259.99 and can be paid up front or in installments. This includes:

    • Gut microbiome test
    • Blood fat test
    • Standardised test meals - muffins!
    • Real-time blood sugar sensor (CGM) if opted in to our science study
    • Gut health report
    • Personalised insights report

    Membership: This phase turns the insights from your report into positive, long-lasting behavioural change. Week-by-week support retrains your body into eating according to your unique biology.

    There are three different membership options: 1 month, 4 months, or 12 months. This is charged the day you receive your results, and auto-renews at the end of each period unless you reach out to us to cancel.

    • 1-month plan - £59.99 per month
    • 4-month plan - £34.99 per month. Paid upfront for £139.96.
    • 12-month plan - £24.99 per month. Paid upfront for £299.88.

    Those prices are clear that it's an advice service only.

  • I was trying to work out how to make sense of their US FAQ question:

    Our test kits alone cost over $1000 in 2019, but we’ve been able to make substantial savings which we can pass on to our customers

    There hasn't been an exponential monthly drop in prices to get all of this below $300 now including app development and support... their COGS would have to be around $50 or lower - which is unlikely given what the tests require.

    So where have they saved the money?

    Answer, they haven't.

    Deep in the Privacy Policy is this:

    We do not share Personal Data with anyone else, other than with: ... pharmaceutical companies

    I see. Yes, that would do it.

    They sell data, and this covers the costs of acquiring the data.

  • Withings watches, anyone got one? They good?

  • This phase turns the insights from your report into positive, long-lasting behavioural change. Week-by-week support retrains your body into eating according to your unique biology.

    Done all the test and have personalised results about what combos are best for me based on,:
    My gut
    By glucose response
    My fat response

    I can quickly measure the value to me of every meal, item of food, and compilations of food.

    I can essentially eat anything, so long as over time I balance stuff out.

    I've not been hungry, unlike most other diets.

    So I'm now in the training phase . It really has completely retrained my understanding after 2 weeks. The Zoë nutrition podcasts delve much more into the research data. The complement and help understand what I'm learning from the app.

    I travelled for work a couple of times recently, stayed in Premier inns and the app helped me avoid a totally crap diet.

    Not sure I'm too bothered about what they do with my data considering the benefit I have experienced

    The free month per referral means that I'm likely to continue for up to 6 months with no further outlay.

    I am unlikely to need to continue since I know I will have got all I need in terms of retraining well before then.

    And the suggests tons of personalised recipes.

    So referrals anyone?

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Wellness and technology, the quantified self movement

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