Wellness and technology, the quantified self movement

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  • Thread dredge thanks to the latest reply, reminded me to have a look.

    Found on: https://www.garmin.com/en-GB/account/dat­amanagement/exportdata/

    You can request a copy of all personal data, including your profile, order history, information from Garmin Connect and other applications, subscriptions, registered devices and more.

    We will send a link to download your export file to [EMAIL].

    Files typically take about 48 hours to prepare but, depending on the number of requests being processed and the amount of data associated with your profile, could take up to 30 days.

    I've clicked the button, will see how complete a dump it is.

  • Coolio. I've still not looked at the AA SAR I had them do to spite them for fucking me out of £50.

  • Download link emailed to me after ~35 minutes. 92MB zip file. Will have a look through it tonight if I get a chance. Most interested in the constant HR data (when not doing an activity) and I think it might be in there (but hard to extract) as there are a boatload of small (<1KB) and medium (~10KB) .fit files which probably correspond to the sync with the app on the phone and the upload of 24/7 HR data. I'll run it against my .fit file dumper to see what it gives.

  • What's good in non-wearable sleep tracking tech these days?

    Used to have: https://www.beddit.com/

  • How did this turn out?

  • Quite well, the data is definitely in there, I've just got to work out how to get it out easily and identify it simply.

    Once I've found it I need to then snoop around on the device itself to see if I can get it off there prior to it syncing (which I think might remove it).

    Project on the backburner for a while though as life is busy.

  • Anyone got a Mi band 4? Would you recommend?

  • Yeah, I bought one to replace the Mi2 that stopped vibrating. It's a bit bigger and I've used it a lot less than the other one.

  • Landed up getting a Honor Band 5, seems good for £25, main drawbacks are you have to side load Huawei appstore as it isn't on the playstore and it has limited ability to interact with other services due to this

    If I land up finding it useful then will probably move to a better device but this seemed like a cheap way to experiment given they sell for £15 on ebay used

  • Same price as the Mi-Bands, no? MiBands have an app in Google. I only use it for time and to vibrate when inactive, I don't use any other features so I want it as cheap as possible. The MiBand2 lasted longer than the 5x price Garmin Vivosmart so when it stopped vibrating I grabbed the MiBand4.

  • Same price as Mi-band, supposedly slightly worse battery but more accurate tracking of sleep and with continuous heart rate and can do blood oxygen but if you aren't making use of those then mi band is just as good, both much cheaper than mainstream alternatives

  • Oh yeah, battery life is the other consideration. The MiBand2 charger was shit so the less frequent charging compared to Vivo was nice. The Mi4 has a better charger. It's colour but as I said I don't really look at it or use any features so no relevance.

  • I have a Mi Band 3 (I think) left over from a course I was a tutor in, got it for free so happy to give it away for free. Would need shipping from Germany but as it fits in an envelope shouldn't be more than €4.

  • Just bought a theragun percussive massager. It even has a slightly crashy app to give suggested treatment regimes for specific body parts or activities. A strong coffee followed my pummelling IT bands and hamstrings and I am feeling quite stimulated. It is much quicker and less acutely painful than foam rollers. @hippy I think you’d like it.

  • £624?! I think I'll keep paying a guy to beat me up...

  • Found it significantly cheaper on eBay. Will pay for itself vs visiting massage therapist quite quickly.

  • Plus @hippy has a Hitachi Wand

  • I wish.

    The only piece of electronics that can make me feel good are the ones that produce sweet, sweet music.

  • I've got a Recovapro, which I could really recommend which is a bit cheaper that then Theragun. Worth trying just for the three months money back trial.

  • Theragun has a similar trial. But after one session I think I’d be murdered by my wife if I sent it back. She is deskbound all day, today I have been splitting logs. I think we can sort of justify it for different reasons - stress relief and physical recovery.

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  • Running dangerously low on logs there James

  • How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  • Less than if he also had a theragun

  • I bought a bozaap massage gun off Amazon for £60. I figured for the price I couldn't go far wrong and it works a treat.

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Wellness and technology, the quantified self movement

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