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  • I found that the only solution for me was two different pairs of shoes, regular metcons don't really work for running.

  • only solution for me was two different pairs of shoes


    Had to go back to changeroom to change shoes, put kneesleeves on and grab my belt... Not lifting heavy so look like a numpty but, i am old so - knees and back... knees and back...

  • Nike Metcon or Free Metcon

    Just looked at Zalando, where they claim you should go one size up from your normal size if you order the Metcons.
    ?? I've generally found Nike to be fairly consistent across models.

  • Nah, I’m consistently a 9 across all Nikes including metcons

  • I started StrongLifts a month ago, progression has been fine but I’m starting to struggle with squats which have always been my weakness. The last two increments have been so heavy. I can still complete but I’m starting to use the safety bars and I don’t go as deep as I used to and I’m afraid I might injure myself.
    I’d like to drop the weights a bit and I might as well do so now before an injury but can anyone tell me how much weight StrongLifts takes off after a couple of incompletes?

  • Sounds like you're hitting the ceiling of linear progression. Worth looking at other programs - Boostcamp is a great app and has a few different ones on there and it's free.

    How are your other lifts going?

  • I'd suggest dropping the weight to something where you're not worrying about the last couple of reps. Work on depth and form , and then slowly increase the load. Doesn't have to be 5kg or 2.5kg every week .

    It also helps to try a figure out where any weaknesses or flexibility issues are, so you can build up that particular area with accessory movements . I had to spend time building delts and triceps to get through a bench plateau .

    Belts can help with bracing and stability too if you're not wearing one already.

  • Thanks for the reply, it sounds very reasonable.
    I did think about doing accessory movements, so I think I’ll drop the weights, keep with the squats and then use some of that saved energy for other exercises.
    I’m 172/72kg and currently on 85kg in squats, so I feel like there is still a way to go before belts and shoes become necessary, but tbh I don’t know how that benchmarks against others.

    I thought it was only considered heavy after 125kg ‘ish

  • Yeah I reckon. But it’s my first time hitting that ceiling so I thought the app would drop weights and then let me work my way back up. These are my next two workouts, bench, ohp and deadlift going fine but also starting to get heavy. Row is just too low. I should increase that to something like 80kg.

    To be honest I was hoping to do 100kg bench, 100kg squat and 160kg deadlift at Christmas

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  • Started a new workout schedule this week. Only two sessions in and I'm fucking crippled. That is all.

  • Sounds fun! What did you go to and from what?
    I’ve been doing 3x12 for twenty years so StrongLifts 5x5 are the new thing for me

  • What did you go to and from what?

    Whilst not a rookie (I lifted a lot when I was a youngster) I've only been back at it since last summer really. To get going, I've just been doing simple all round sessions three times per week.

    I've switched up to four shorter sessions split by muscle groups.

    Basically along these lines to get me started with a few tweaks here and there.­kouts/6179/a-four-week-gym-routine-to-ge­t-big-and-lean

  • SL takes 10% off after three failed days. Personally, I would go with it for a bit longer. Failure is part of the program and, although difficult to get your head round, is important. If you think you are going to injure yourself, check your form.
    It’s all part of the fun!!

  • If you need a belt to progress, then you need a belt progress . I tend to do what counts as heavy squats for me belted. Then on lower weight volume days I'll do unbelted .

    It might be worth videoing yourself squatting if you haven't already , to try and work out what if anything needs addressing. Or get a form check from a PT at the gym, if they are decent PTs.

  • Crack on with the program, failure is part of a program like stronglifts. As long as you're still hitting depth, not going as low is fine. I use the safeties for all my working squat sets. I know how to dump the bar without them, but it's nicer not to have to.

    I will say that I think the ways to circumvent stalling in stronglifts/starting strength is one of the drawbacks. Comparatively a program like greyskull LP where you drop the weight, but do amrap sets still (so you are still pushing yourself even with a lighter weight), and increase faster if you get 10+ reps on the amrap, or GZCLP where you reduce reps + increase sets (with amrap still), but keep same / increasing weight, are better ways to deal with it IMO.

    re: belt / shoes etc being necessary, it's about what you want to use. you never have to use them if you don't want to, but there's not some weight where they become an acceptable tool, they always are. I like using my belt on some lighter sets partly to practice bracing into it properly. If you've not use a belt before, give it a try and see how you like it.

    After writing this I did see that you said you've been doing 3*12 for twenty years, if you have been lifting for a long time (even without doing 5*5) then the amount you will be able to reap from a program designed for beginnners is limited, as Bainbridge says it may be worth looking into intermediate programs if you repeatedly stall.

  • Try 3x10-12 on a Leg Press machine, with full range of motion.
    Push your tailbone into the seat as you press.
    This will help you get out of the hole at the bottom of a squat.

  • Out of interest, whats failing/ difficult on the squat? Getting out of the bottom of the rep? legs failing? back collapsing? core strength, bracing etc etc.

    Also are you high bar or low bar squatting?

  • Basically doing similar and trying to fit a session in under an hour.

    squats, bench, dumbbell row, pull ups, then deadlift/clean and press. If gym is busy then lots of lunges with the studio bar etc.

    Been doing 3 x 10 or 5 x 10 to get myself back into things, would I be better going heavier and 5 x 5?

  • I’ve no idea. I used SL and it worked. I was playing other sport too. I didn’t do much in the way of assistance exercises though. SL is tough enough as the weight goes up.

  • Agree, I'm exactly the same.

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Strength / Weight Training

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