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  • I have a pair of weightlifting wrist wraps going for free if there's any interest here - collection from Hitchin, Hertfordshire or can post at cost.­88/#comment16214789

  • I want to try a clubbell. Anyone had much experience? I'm curious what weight I should try.

  • No one I could ask to spot me last night and not wanting to do the drop and roll of shame I am now sneaking up by 5kg increments instead of my usual 10, which allowed me to get 8 at 55. Prompted me to ask- when it gets heavy, what do you chaps push forward by- 2.5/5/10/something else?

  • I currently run double progression with top set as amrap. Add 2.5 kg to a lift when I get 6 or more reps, 5 reps keep the same weight, less than 5 drop by 2.5. Makes it simple and auto regulates intensity.

  • It’ll depend on how much you bench. 2.5kg for a lightweight female lifter is very different to 2.5kg for a large male new to benching and that’s very different to someone benching 140+

    Generally jumps in weight should be predefined by your program. If you’re doing a linear progression (just going up when you hit target weights) then I’d jump 2.5kg. If you’re planning to wave progression (e.g. 3 weeks up, drop down, repeat) then you can start to plan for bigger jumps.

    For me, if I can add 2.5kg a month to my bench I’d be very happy but actual jumps in working weights are planned around 5-10kg between sessions. But the planned ‘hardness’ or the number of reps will change to accommodate that to a degree.

  • 5/10kg on bench is a pretty big jump. But as people say it kind of depends what your programming/coach says. If you can do +2.5kg every time you bench then I'd say keep doing that til you can't.

    Some things like GZCLP have you do more sets of less reps when you stall, others have you decrease weight increment.

  • I’m way more basic than I think you chaps are- my program says “4*8 reps”, so I do 30/40/50/60 kg.

  • Ah I see! I thought you meant weight increases between sessions rather than within sets.

    Perhaps you could try to find out how hard the sets are supposed to be and use Rate of Perceived Exertion to decide what weight to use? E.g. if that last set is supposed to be RPE 8, on a good day that might be 60, on a low sleep or something day it might be 50.

  • Again, I’m a bit more basic- When I can get my last set to 60 with no break I’ll try 70 next time, starting at 40.

    On the incline bench press I don’t have the confidence to try 60 for 8 as I think I might fail to put it back on the rack at some point, so yesterday I tried 55 and got all my reps. I’ll likely do 55 again next time, or until I can get all 8 in one smooth set, then go up to 60, repeat. I’d like to get beyond bodyweight (80kg) but other than that don’t really have a goal.

  • I was having a call with my old boss yesterday who is starting a company focussed on back health. He mentioned the back pain podcast which might be one for you to try?

    A lot of the analysis shows that it’s really a lot about lifestyle and mentality

  • Finding out what the last rep before failure feels like will probably be the most insightful thing to do tbh (which as you might have guessed, means going to failure) - that’ll inform you best as to what your jumps up should be.

  • Sure- just the slight issue of Roll Of Shame.

  • That sounds like a good way to progress (sometimes called a ‘double progression’). Do you think it’ll be hard going from 60x8 as your hardest set to 60x8 then 70x8 straight after? Id be tempted to go up 5kg as an intermediate step.

  • I think in the absence of someone I trust to spot me 5kg sounds a good idea.

  • It’s not as bad as you might expect. Maybe you can try a gym with safeties, or drag a bench into a squat rack with safeties when it’s quiet? Or seize the opportunity when you see an appropriate spotter etc.

    Or just try the roll of shame with a weight you’re comfortable with?

    Loads of videos on YouTube with tips on how to make it easier. If you’re not benching with a belt it’s really pretty straightforward

  • I've rolled of shame on a few occasions and it made me a stronger person.

  • The gym I use is a council place, and it gets (which is great, don't get me wrong) a lot of older people, and quite a few less able-bodied members.

    Which means it can be quite busy - but with zero people I'm going to ask to help me out with a 60kg barbell that I can't control anymore.

    I think I'll stick to small jumps unless there's someone in there who I feel comfortable asking to give me a hand.

    I'm open to roll-of-shame, but given it's the incline bench I'd need to roll it down to my lap, then tip it so one end hits the floor, then lever myself up whilst holding the bar off to my side.

  • Or, smash a load of 'roids and bench 120kg easily, I guess.

  • Quite chuffed, managed 1x5 @ 100kg for squats today, then 5 @ 90, and 80 (annoyingly no 2.5kg plates here).
    And that was after 1x5 of 130kg on deadlift.
    Considering I hit a ropey single at 100kg for squat less than a month ago, I feel pretty chuffed that it’s coming back so quickly. Legs don’t have the instant ache either.

    Have a cheeky squat video while you’re at it.

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  • Nice! They're full on pause squats as well so way more in the tank. I take a set of 2.5, 0.5 and 0.75 plates with me to the gym since there's only 1 set of 2.5/1.25s. Worth considering.

  • Nice shoes!

    Also, very clean squat

    I forgot my shoes for legs today... Probably OK as I was feeling weak.

  • That was just warming up with 70 - always try and have a wiggle in the bottom position to try and get things nice and loose, so the set with 100 didn’t have any hanging around at the bottom!

    I was thinking about buying 2.5kgs but thought I’d look mental. You’ve convinced me, lol. To buy them that is, not that it’ll make me look mental, lol.

  • finally made the mistake of accidentally loading the bar with more weight than intended (counted the 25kg plates as 20s) and confused why it was so heavy. 1+ amrap deadlift at 162.5kg, aiming for 5 reps, and hitting 2, sulking, then realising there was 172.5kg on the bar, feeling silly.

    Oh and now I have a small red mark near my eye which from googling is probably from a burst blood vessel from bracing hard against my mouth rather than against my closed throat.

  • Sounds like a whole bunch of GAINZ to me.

    Thick, solid, tight etc.

  • What about dem barefoot squats bro?

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Strength / Weight Training

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