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  • I'm losing weight due to new medication killing my appetite and suddenly being super busy. Actually gonna have to force myself to eat. This is a new thing for me.

  • Yeah, if the Garmin interface was more like strong it would be perfect & would keep all my activity data in one place - because OCD.

    I like to keep track of weights to keep me motivated, find it helps to see a progression - the activity summary on strong gives you the total weight shifted per workout which I find curiously addictive

  • I have a really weird memory for how many sets/reps and what weight from workout to workout. I am either some kind of niche memory genius or (more likely) not working out hard enough and not mixing up my routine meaning I don't have to remember much!

  • Pizza with extra cheese and doughnuts are glorious things. Ahhhh Bulk life was good.

  • That's probably why I ended up not tracking weights and reps in there. Annoying AF if you need that.

    So what happens when you manually initiate a weight lifting session on the Garmin bangle? There's a symbol with a little weightlifter guy, but it never occurred to me to press it.

  • It tries and horribly fails to detect what lifts you are doing and count the reps. Except it only gets it right about 25% of the time so you have to log it separately anyway.

    That said, you can turn that off and do it manually in theory but I've never tried that.

  • I think there was a site that told you how reliable supplements were that was posted on here. Any chance someone remember what it was? Cool interactive site if I remember correctly.

  • For years I went to the gym & just picked up the same weights every time out of habit, rarely wondering why i wasn't getting stronger - then I read up on stronglifts etc. and started keeping track of what i was doing & made a point of making small increases every week or so, wasn't long before all the stardard lifts had increased 10-20kg.

    Tldr - if I don't track & stick to a routine I end up trying to randomly increase my squat by 20kg & nearly shit myself.

  • Squat shits are the worst

  • But I am keen on knowing the calorie count, so worth a shot. On my first try it claims I burned as many calories as would when running for ca 4o min at a decent intensity. Seems a bit high?

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  • In the gym, no one here I can ask to spot me and I don’t want to drop the bar. Boo.

  • On bench?
    There’s always the roll of shame.

  • Mine gives me between 400 and 600 kcal for a 45 mins lifting session, which is obviously complete BS. As far as I'm concerned using it for anything more than tracking time is pointless.

  • Are you guys sure about that? I thought that it was perfectly possible to burn 400 calories an hour lifting weights.

  • Incline bench. Don’t fancy the Roll Of Shame.

  • Can’t figure out if it would be better or worse on incline. Easier to roll down, greater risk of dropping on your cock.

  • Boy sure how I’d roll it up my legs, would likely be a roll/tip/clamber

  • Anyway- now dips.

  • You'd have to lift with no rest between sets to achieve that.
    Let's say you perform 30 total sets in 60 mins with 3 mins of rest between sets. That gives you only 20 mins of actual work time. No way you can burn 400 kcal like that.

  • But you don't magically stop burning calories in rest phases.

  • You also don't stop burning calories when you sleep.

  • Just to be clear, its not that I'm saying 400 cals an hour is usual (it depends on loads of factors), but its not unlikely or impossible imho.

  • I'm absolutely bursting during my lifting sessions at the moment. Lack of time means that I only really wait between sets to load/deload plates and catch my breath a bit. 400kcals an hour really doesn't seem out the question.

    If you can't imagine burning 400kcals in an hour lifting, I'd be more concerned about the lack of intensity in your sessions tbh!

  • Nah, I am happy to take the 400 kcal if you guys think it's right. Seems like a decent number for an hours worth of fiddling about with some weights.

  • And then you have to imagine how many extra calories are being burnt during recovery over the next 3 days... Too much faff. If you're consistent every week and weigh yourself reliably and regularly and seeing good progress (whether bulk/strength or cut / maintain) cal counting for the lifting doesn't really matter, you're just tweaking your carb intake to match and your body will soon tell you if you're wildly over/under.
    I don't count calories out for weights or calories in for fruit/veg... Seems to work out OK.

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Strength / Weight Training

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