Strength / Weight Training

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  • Then, with all due respect & with no ill will intended - who the fuck are you doing this for?

    Obviously not someone that appreciates your efforts.

  • Fair question, I do it for my colleagues and my bosses have said they appreciate it. I also do it so I get paid - but not for the hours involved. It’s a very niche business and we all have to help out - unfortunately I am getting the brunt of it because of my experience and competency.

  • It sounds like you’re in a pretty good position to negotiate a significant pay rise, at least.

  • Lol. I guess in other areas of employment that would be the case. Unfortunately not for me - and our pay has been frozen due to COVID.
    If you read the rest of my moaning you will realise my employers aren’t very forgiving😁😁

  • That is frustrating. Hopefully it improves soon!

  • It is. Fingers crossed it improves next year. Meantime, I will try to get some exercise in.

  • You sound like a super conscientious bloke, don't let your employer use it against you.

  • For too long anyway

  • That may be my downfall.

  • That may be my downfall.

    If you manage to work in an hour a day for yourself, your downfall will at least be delayed.

  • Start today. Book 20/25mins to yourself now for later. 20mins only because 'they'll' not miss it (that's for your internal guilt you'll prob feel). Build on that daily. Get yourself some reasonable self time.

  • Thanks for the advice. I will give it a go.

  • Going to order some Vivolife protein powder. Just thought I’d see if anyone here has a Vivolife referral code they would like me to use?

  • Figured this would be a reasonable place to ask. I'm after buying some supplements - mostly for my joints (sore hands/fingers as a result of climbing and lots of power tool use at work).

    Where's a good place to buy cod liver oil capsules, glucosamine, chondroitin, vit D etc? Are those a reasonable selection? I've taken all of them previously although not all together. Any other ideas?

  • Holland and Barrett might be worth a look. The have the cod liver oil capsules. I’m not sure about the the other items - they may be available in some form of multivitamin tablet. I take the cod liver oil, a multivitamin and Vitamin C daily.

  • Labdoor and consumer labs test and review supplements in FDA approved labs to give you an idea of which contain the most active ingredients etc... May be worth a read.

    Theyre both US sites, but a lot of what they review can be bought online

  • I’d recommend for reading up on supplements, it’ll give you a well-informed view of what’s worth it to you and what isn’t. Personally, when my joints start getting achey I’ll just take a handful of cod liver oil capsules a day until it eases up.

    As for buying them, I’d go to myprotein, discount supplements or any other online retailer and look at what has the highest epa/dha per £. Where I am Optimum Nutrition are actually the cheapest option and I’d highly recommend any of their products if you don’t want to buy ‘own brand’.

  • Can anyone recommend some wrist straps? Or are they all much the same and any will do?

    I find it tricky to tighten the second hand with my current ones , if that makes sense.

  • I can't. But are you managing to maintain the rad bod?

  • tricky to tighten the second hand

    also thats normal

  • If its for deadlift around the bar because your first hand is literally tied up , that is normal. You learn to fiddle with your fingers and then crank it like a motorbike accelorator handle.

    If its for wrist support, try the above and you'll see that that wrist support is easy.

  • Cod liver oil in a bottle is the most economic way to purchase it.

    If that grosses you out, orange juice is excellent at getting rid of the taste. Hold your breath so you don't smell it, swallow, rinse with OJ and no taste at all :)

    Note CLO caps and the oil contain Vitamin D already.

  • Cod liver oil in a bottle is the most economic way to purchase it.

    I think the extra cost for the caps is well worth it... not sure why anyone would do oil in a bottle.

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Strength / Weight Training

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