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  • PT suggested that I look at the photo I took at 76kg (early Nov) vs what I look like now (76kg again, after going down to 72), it was quite motivating to see how much more muscle I'm carrying now.

  • Do you enjoy training this way?

    It's limiting. It feels as if it would be a good booster for the things I can't be doing, which is frustrating.

  • When I'm at 71/72kg I look gaunt, and you're noticeably taller. People are built differently, but I'd say that was definitely a place to work back from.

    The reason I got into strength training was to avoid successful weight loss turning into anorexia, which I have seen happen to others. Not that it's an area without it's own obsessive behaviours, ofc.

  • I would like some 50mm/2inch 5kg weight plates with an overall diameter of less than 40cm for cheaps please. Anyone know of any in stock?

  • First session using wrist-straps today to help when using the 36kg dumbbells for pulls - Romanian Deadlift and single arm row. The selectable weight dumbells are great for storing in the corner, but the grip area is quite short so it's hard (for me, anyway) to get a decent tension on the strap. Still, feels like making progress to be onto the heaviest setting (for pulls, I'm at 26kg on the inclined press so still some headroom there).

  • I’m not overly strong and I think my grip isn’t great but I can manage 45kg rows. Have you tried the thumb under grip? (That isn’t the correct name for it but I have had 2 hours sleep in the past 2 days and my brain isn’t working).

  • Google is my friend - the hook grip. It feels odd at first but once you get used to it, it really works. A must for deadlifts until the bar gets really heavy.

  • I suspect I just have weak wrists.

  • Try that grip and report back. Uncomfortable it may be I initially, sore even, but it does work.

  • Nice one Dammit - always feels good to max out some equipment.

    Hook grip is a tricky one. Needs a knurled surface to really shine and, without using chalk, mine is actually weaker than a normal grip. Also need to weigh up if it’s actually going to help towards goals - is building grip strength more important than getting the required work in on the musculature?

  • I’ll experiment, I think I just need to strengthen my wrists really- would help with mountain biking also.

    TBH the rows are ok, it’s the Romanian deadlift where my wrists become the limit late into the set- forearms are burning at reps 5-8, especially sets 3-4

  • You should only prob use them on the set where you think your grip will limit you.

  • I did that today, rest-pause set of 6 weighted squats, 10 second pause, six squats etc.

    4x(6x26), 4x(6x28), 4x(6x30), 4x(6x32) IIRC, used the straps on the last one and it was great to shift the load from my forearms to my quads.

  • Not sure whats wrong with me, but i have managed to hurt my ankle, doing a light, 100m warm up jog this morning. Thats, my shoulders and my ankle sorted... At this rate, ill be in pieces at the end of the year.

  • I found farmers walks helped with grip strength. That and rack pulls, though thats no use to you if you don't have a rack. Having said that my grip is still the weak link in my deadlift

  • Have you tried chalk? I found the liquid stuff helped me to move away from straps (which I used to rely on) and improved my grip.

  • I have been giving this a little thought. You have mentioned wrists and forearms are giving you grief. I’m a little confused why they would be doing dead lifts and now you mention squats. Grip strength is needed for dead lifts and I’m not seeing how wrists are involved. Again, the same with squats. Re. Deadlifts - the thing I always have in my head if that your arms are chains and your hands hooks when lifting. You don’t lift with your arms. If you are lifting with your arms, apart from it being wrong, you are doing something like a mini-row before you actually lift - that’s not good form. I did this in the past but when the weight gets heavy it seems to correct itself - but that may just be me and not work for you.
    Has your coach checked your form?

  • I think wrists and forearms are mentioned because that’s where the musculature for grip resides. Not because he’s trying to reverse curl his deadlift.

  • trying to reverse curl A deadlift

    😂 Sounds painful.

  • Did nobody suggest alt/mixed grip? I tried hook but it was so uncomfortable. Mixed grip took me up to 2x bodyweight and at that point I could only manage 3 reps instead of 5 due to grip. You do start to see some muscle differences on the left/right side upper back though, but I'm not a body builder so I didn't care so much. Also +1 for liquid chalk!

  • I don't think mixed grip would help dammit as he is using dumbells.

  • It’s grip strength, holding onto the dumbbells becomes tough for me when they get heavier and the reps build up.

    I also find manoeuvring the weights into position before for e.g. a press is the toughest part- the selectable dumbbells that I have are quite long and therefore unwieldy, but also wrist strength is needed to transition the weight from the rack to the press position.

  • When I was having PT sessions, particularly with dumbbells, my forearms and grip were the weak point.

    Particularly for exercises like dumbbell step ups, the rest of the body would feel ok, but forearms would be screaming.

    I’d been working to improve them with heavy duty forearm grippers, and pull-up bar hangs, before getting sick.

    Also broomstick with a weight tied onto it with a string is a very classic forearm/wrist training aid.

  • This is an effective item - and it’s bloody hard work. Also, easy to make one if there is no stock.

    Wrist Ripper - The Ultimate Wrist Roller and Grip Trainer­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_BD4YM3TMFNQZ7PR3Y­0ZV

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Strength / Weight Training

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