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  • I’ve been doing each exercise for 40 seconds and resting for 20 seconds after each exercise. Will give this way a go too - cheers!

  • hahahahaha! :) actually i have also this shoulder problem....from always sleeping on the left fukin siiiide.... i did not even know it was possible to get injured while sleeeeping....i understand your pain compleeeeetly! (i also have a kid so i dont need to try not sleeping...its almost the rule of the house now that my kid is in charge....)

    In desperation I used a roller on my shoulder and after a lot of crackling it seemed a bit better. So... I've just bought a theragun knockoff to see if my can get it moving. I am having the shittest nights' sleep I've had in a long time over this. And so is my gf as I'm tossing and turning and snoring like a caged animal

  • QUESTION - wife and daughter just mentioned that they want a treadmill. Any recommendations and do and don’ts when buying ?
    Thanks all.
    I will also post this in weight loss too.

  • Gyms are closing =again= in Northern Ireland next Sunday, after being closed for a month, then open for 2 weeks and then closed again for 6 weeks.

    Sigh, I totally know where they are coming from, healthservice cannot cope atm. But it makes it hard to be motivated at all. And my partner is actually picked up all exercises pretty well, bar chins/squats (not that my raw squat is fine...) so it was all working.

    Guess we can use the time to try a drastic weight loss program that doesn't go together with lifting weights, I've nothing much to trim but he does and I won't let him suffer alone, a low carb diet while other people are eating bread is just mean.

  • Antrim Forum is closed for eight weeks and I don’t think it has been open more than six since March! Ballymena is worse!!
    Look at Mark Lauren for Bodyweight stuff, he is rather good.
    Festive wishes from Ballymena. 😁

  • Tx!

    Festive wishes from Belfast :D

    (to everyone on here of course) :)

  • Life Fitness for premium build quality and afters sales service, avoid Proform and Nordic Track, Icon who oversee them in the UK are a pita to deal with.

    I'd say go for a T3 Track Connect if you got £2.8k to spend, F1's come in around £1.9k if you havnt. Going to see some shortages from LF once this stock goes in the uk, some models won't be back until May.

    Out of all the covid inflation going on in the home gym market Life Fitness havnt actually put their prices up yet, too.

  • Thanks for the info. Much appreciated

  • Let's talk about food again.
    I had an intense deadline a couple of weeks ago, and to make it work I dropped my standards and lived on takeaway pizza and pasta for a few days. Here I should continue in proper health blogger style and tell everyone how unhealthy food made me ill, but fact is; I felt fucking great. A sense of being satiated somehow – lasting the entire day.

    So... I could of course crash start 2021 with a deliberate intent to get some more calories into my mostly plant based diet. But there is still that chunk of flab around my waist that I don't want to get larger.

  • I've started skipping.

    I am trying to skip between sets until i cant bear the thought of skipping during that session. Normally thats around half way.

    still that chunk of flab around my waist that I don't want to get larger.

    Do you drink alcohol? I've found i can now shift some of mine when i give up alcohol for a few days. As soon as i have my regular amount over the weekend, i can see it move back on. Frustrating. But it gives me hope.

    Obviously lockdown and drinking is like a glove on a hand.

    And xmas...

  • Gyms are closing =again

    TIER 4 BABY*!!! WOOOO!!!!

    Gyms are closed again in London too now...

    (*not used in a sexist conitation but rather in a sarcastic exclamation. Not sure it needed a footnote explanation, but lets all be safe around here and stay at home. )

  • Yeah saw, sorry to hear that. Tier 4, what next, tier square root of -1?

    Sucks, did you get your home setup sorted?

    I found my kettlebell book: Kettlebells for women 😁

    No idea though what differences are between general / menz books, I guess fewer reps / sets? And pictures of women demonstrating exercises of course...

  • Sucks, did you get your home setup sorted?

    I've got a pair of adjustable kettlebells range of 10kg to 26kg. I am waiting on the DBs, but because of lockdown, im sure itll delay those even further. I've now got things like ab roller, and a thick crash mat as well has a few skipping ropes, timers.

    The problem is that i cant swing the KBs indoors (low ceilings, glass and mirrors everywhere) sooooo no swings, no snatches. And if i use them for chest press, i cant control them to the ground softly enough so those are currently out (why i am going to give the crash mat a test).

    So basically, i think i cover most, except the venue.

    I found my kettlebell book: Kettlebells for women 😁

    When was your book published? the 50s? LOL

  • Do you drink alcohol?

    For the most part, no. I have a target of 10 units or less a month. I probably miss that most months, but I can easily manage a month with less than 20 units.
    And I am not vegetarian as such. Never will be. But a typical meal for me is something with either legumes or rice. I eat large portions of that stuff though, so I never actually go hungry. It's just that my recent pizza bender made me realise there are whole new levels of being full that I haven't experienced for god knows how long.

  • a satisfied full?

  • Something like that. Like not being bothered if I missed the next meal or not.
    Usually my appetite works like a clockwork.

    EDIT: Anyhow, just curious as to which 'state' of being full is best for muscle gain, without piling on the lard.

  • I’ve stopped the time on/off and do them like this now. It’s much more enjoyable and I feel like I’m targeting the muscles more. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the feedback. I’m so glad to hear that 😊

  • Last “proper” workout of the year done. Time for some numbers...

    2020; 2*20, 3*20, 4*20, 5*20

    1. 2*20: on the last day of 2020 I turn 40
    2. 3*20: 60kg (5x3) benchpress & barbell row
    3. 4*20: 80kg (5x3) squat & bodyweight
    4. 5*20: 100kg (5x1) deadlift

    Started structured training again in Oktober after months of hardly training and dicking around. Started doing Starting Strength from November, easing myself into the big lifts and adding weight every workout. Only skipped working out during the hollidays, did get some bw training in though. Really happy with these numbers, good starting point for 2021.
    Goals for 2021: turning 41, benching 1*bw, squating 1.5*bw and deadlifting 2*bw

    Enjoy the last days of this year and have a good new years eve!

  • I need X2 5kg Olympic plates and X2 10kg Olympic plates. Struggling to find much in stock that's of know quantity. Anyone know of anything that's currently in stock?

  • Assassin goods have them all in stock right now. They are decent too as I’ve bought from them a bunch of times

  • Thanks, they look good, but I can only see them available on pre order

  • I think most sports things are on pre-order these days. To get on pre order list is actually quite lucky.

    I bought DBs on preorder in Aug and won't see then delivered until Feb earliest.

    If you think logistically, all stock would've been sold in Feb / Mar and restock would be from China so there won't be any physical stock. Whatever lands in the UK is already presold.

    I don't think it'll change until vaccination of most of the population.

  • I’m just waiting for the inevitable flood of the second hand market in a couple years time. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself as I struggle on with bands, some paving slabs and nowhere to put a squat rack.

  • FWIW I’m doing pretty well with those adjustable (6-36 each) dumbbells, pull-up bar, bench and resistance bands. I’ve also added in some yoga blocks for deeper push ups and a foam roller for glute-bridges.

    You don’t need loads of kit, or I don’t anyway- showing steady progress with what I have.

    I’d be going faster with access to machines for sure, but this is better than nothing by a significant margin.

    Weight is a bit all over the place because Christmas- but that will start to calm down now as we go back to a more normal diet.

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Strength / Weight Training

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