Strength / Weight Training

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  • Same here :/

    Though I don't mind it that much but it feels my return to the gym will be...humbling.

  • I enjoy Turkish getups though my form is no doubt so so. The neighbor's cat likes to watch, so far no snippy "your form sucks" meows ;)

    Single leg deadlifts are good too and snatches / one leg swings are fun.

    The difference between 8-12 is a big jump though for some exercises...

    I stick to 5-10 usually, sometimes do some intervals or as many as I can for variety.

  • Bought a cheapo benchpress and a bar+100kg weights.. with that and the dumbells i don’t think i ever buy a gym card again

  • Quick test says this is a good idea.

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  • That looks pretty good quality. Damn you!!

  • Sorry dude!

    Keep an eye on the link for amazon above. Seems like a legit store ProIron.

  • I'm 6'3 and 86kg I'd like to put on some proper muscle and get up to 90 and get stronger.

    So a bonus side effect of furloughed lock down is I've started doing some strength training. Just bodyweight stuff. With Any of you lot done this?

    I like it because it's geared towards building functional strength. I'd like to be able to eventually do a muscle up and a human flag (though that's a long way off, I haven't got through to a full pull up yet though I can do chin ups.

    Obviously I would like to look hench too! It's also pretty straight forward and clearly marks out the progressions.

    It involves:

    Dynamic warm up

    3 sets of between 4 and 8 repetitions adding a rep each session then you move to the next progression

    squat progression
     pull up variation
    handstand push up variation
    leg raises variation
       push up variation or dip variation (alternate between the two with  every session)
       horizontal pull variation
    plank variation

    Static stretching

    I've also added on chin ups to the end. It recommends training 3 times a week but I've been doing every other day is this detrimental? I thought a days rest between each should be fine. There seems to be conflicting opinion out there.

    I started 6 weeks ago and I've noticed a difference in my chest and arms. Though I wish I'd taken some before pics.

    I've also started taking whey protein as I don't think I was getting enough at all in my diet.

    Any advice appreciated.

  • The only guys I have seen do human flag have been low-fat and muscular.
    If you bulk up you will be too heavy.

  • Bought a cheapo benchpress and a bar+100kg weights.. with that and the dumbells i don’t >think i ever buy a gym card again

    Nothing beats having your own gym.
    Open 24/7 and no waiting.
    Cheaper in the long run too.

  • Alright skip the flag. If being totally honest I’d rather just be bigger and stronger.

  • I have 8, 12 and 24 kg. I like having the 24 for swings, snatch and rows, but I also wish I had something in between for some exercises like overhead press and curls.
    Wouldn’t need them in 2 kg intervals just something in the middle but I’ve given up trying to find one. Sold out everywhere and sky high prices secondhand.

    Now that you have a 24kg you can do the Secret Service Snatch Test. ;)

  • The only guys I have seen do human flag have been low-fat and muscular.


  • Any advice appreciated

    If you really want mass you’ll have to lift weights. That’s not to say that body weight stuff isn’t good, but it’s definitely limited if you want to get bigger.

  • I’ll have to work within those limitations for the moment. Also there seem to be quite a few big guys out there from callisthenics. I can always add a weighted vest etc after I’ve reached the top progressions no?

  • What's the test?!

  • I’d just be surprised if they got big from callisthenics alone though.

  • Isolation getting to you?you're very grumpy. U OK hun?

  • Lol, sorry - deffo didn’t mean to come across that way! Just replying on phone - hard to put a comprehensive message together.

    I would say that body weight exercises aren’t a particularly efficient method for hypertrophy. Weights allow a structured progressive overload in a much easier way. Body weight exercises don’t scale as well IME.

    As I say, body weight stuff is deffo useful, but it wouldn’t be my go to for building mass. Although you can deffo build some mass with them - and obviously given the circumstances it’s the best option if you do t have access to weights etc.

  • Ha! no snark inferred at all. Thanks though for the backup @ChainBreaker.

    I guess as a newbie to strength training I’ve a fair amount I can achieve first anyway. I like that it means I don’t need a gym membership and too much equipment too.

    My main question is about how many times a week I should be training. Three days a week or every other day?

  • Oh for sure, and doing body weight stuff will provide a good foundation and help with recruitment.
    And the best exercise is the one you enjoy and do regularly.
    But if getting bigger is the goal, calorific surplus and weight training is the most efficient method.
    Functionality is also a funny notion. When I was doing CrossFit I was probably my fittest in terms of practical crossover. I could run fast, I could recover quickly, I could carry heavy things, I was relatively strong and my capacity for work was higher than its ever been, but I was also training 6 days a week, and often twice a day - and I was in my early twenties. When I was doing Olympic lifting I was definitely at my strongest, I could sprint fast, jump high and far, I was flexible and I could put 100kg overhead. But I was carrying 15kg of extra body weight.
    Now I run and climb - with almost no weight training. I generally feel good and strong enough.
    The long winded point im trying to make (I’m a few cans deep), is that being strong and functional is a lot easier with weights. But it’s also not the be all and end all.

  • @nefarious, was me being concerned.

    Personally, if you're new to this, and in current circumstances, use old skool body weight exercises. More for joints and tendons than pure bulk. Pull ups, push ups, dips. But @nefarious is right, you want weight, you need to push weight. And 'the flag' is a silly thing.

  • big guys out there from callisthenics

    By the way, those guys have sacrificed a lot. You can have it, but it takes work.
    I got a mate who's a CalGuy and fuck me... Its impressive, but jesus does he work for it. Keeps trying to lure me in...

  • What's a calguy

  • Calasthetic. Sorry, being lazy.

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Strength / Weight Training

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