Strength / Weight Training

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  • Instead of barbells I’ve been using dumbbells.

    Barbell Rows
    Bench Press

    Dumbell rows?
    Dumbbell press?

  • This looks super solid as an intro to lifting, especially with using dumbbells.

    I’m a huge fan of barbell work but moving more unilaterally has big benefits, especially early on in building coordination and avoiding exacerbating any imbalances. You can always graduate to more intense programming once you’re more used to moving weights about.

  • Yep, seated dumbell press and one arm rows. I’m just starting out - at some point I will need to move to barbells though. At the moment it’s going ok. Also, I feel a bit intimidated by barbells as opposed to dumbbells!

  • Cheers! I’ve double what I do with most lifts which feels great. I love seeing my progress on a spreadsheet!

  • This makes sense. I normally do my sprint training/long runs on days I don’t do weights. I used to run on completely separate days but I’ve just had a baby and my time out of the house is limited! I’ll give this a go.

  • After about five weeks back in the gym reached my first target of being able to bench sets of eight at 60kgs on bar un-spotted, this morning. Next goal 90kgs, which may take considerably more time to achieve.

  • @jackc
    if you've just had a baby, i'll be upfront:
    don't expect massive things. expect to miss sessions.
    Not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs. I'd be flexible (in mind and body...) about what and when you can achieve. I'd treat the runs as mental health headspace things and the gym as the focused effort. Which is what it might sound like you're doing anyway.
    Plod over to the gym, throw some weights around, plod home.
    Then on your none weight days do some fartlek as and when you feel.
    Can you get your "base" in by running to work ?

  • Works a bit too far to run too.

    I agree - at the moment I’m just trying to maintain some sort of exercise routine!

  • Congrats. Same boat here. Make the most of whatever time you have out of the house. You can get a good workout in 45 mins if you really focus on one thing...

    My strategy has been to run around the local park and use the outdoor exercise stuff there for leg raises and pull-ups. Might get a kettlebell for the garden.

    Random sets of push ups and planks around the house are a thing now.

  • Yes! Defo! Congrats to you too.

    Want to get a carrier I can pick on my back for pull ups. The extra weight has to help!

  • I found a used copy of his book. It's not very heavy so I guess I'm going to have to stick to bodyweight stuff. This is of course assuming I read it...

  • Freecycle since I've switch to Huel and MyProtein Fuel.

    Anybody want various MyProtein Impact Whey (3.5kgs), Instant Oats (4.5kgs) & a couple of packets of Organic Pumpkin Seed Flour? It's all past its "best before" of various 2019 dates. But, it's powder, and is sealed so I'm guessing it should be fine, since flour used to be stored for years.

    Collection from Putney SW15. Usual dibs apply.

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  • I’d take the whey if you could be bothered posting, but understand if you can’t!

  • It's all past its "best before" of various 2019 dates


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Strength / Weight Training

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