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  • Friend told about a mate of his who started lifting at the start of the week. He had sore thighs the following day so he went to A and E! Dicks are out there.

  • Good to hear. I’m about 3 weeks in, going about twice a week. Been running and climbing for the last few years but no real strength stuff for the legs, upper body has been noticeably less sore (apart from upper back with heavy deadlifts). Hopefully my legs will adjust soon!

  • Jesus, lol. My brother is a PE teacher and has told me stories about kids panicking when they get out of breath or start to sweat. Guess it would be a big shock if you were unaware!

  • A big shock if you were incredibly stupid. If I was a nurse/ doctor I would have ensured he left with more pain than he came in with. It’s unbelievable but really not!

  • What am I missing here?!

    Unaware of what exactly!?

  • I was more referring to kids experiencing exercise if they’ve been sedentary their whole lives (I’m just trying my darnedest to not be cynical).

    Going to a and e with sore legs is pretty jokes.

  • Broke through the 70kg 5x5 Squat barrier today! Am happy!

  • Congratulations!!! You've done it!

    Good effort!

  • Legs legs legs!

  • To be honest it's more arms.

    30.5kg bench press is as best I can do at the moment...

  • I should really write down what I'm lifting each time.

    Currently I'm doing 4-5 days a week and no more than 45 mins at a time.

  • Been semi-taking it easy and trying to teach my partner to squat etc. We are going together twice a week.

    His deadlift was a bit hammy a the start but it's now coming up nice and smooth and going up. Squatting is still a WIP, he has problems hitting the depth (and a lot people in the gym squat high...) and keeping his weight back, but we should slowly get there given time.

  • How deep do you go on squats?

  • I too am finding lifting a big challenge in my 30s, especially the compound stuff.

    I think nutrition is one key. I recently saw a Eddie Hall video with him putting a bodybuilder through a strongman workout and he had this guy eat a big full english beforehand (he said he felt uncomfortably full going into the gym).

    Whilst that is pretty extreme, I took on board the principle myself and have been eating a decent meal, maybe a 3/4 portion, beforehand and have found the fuel is helping. I previously would not have eaten anything significant, maybe a banana or something light, and that perhap 45 mins before. On reflection i can see i needed instant fuel in my system.

    A second key is a decent warm up (i still think low-medium intensity rowing is best) and effective post workout stretching will help to relieve doms.

    Massage also works, or you could even try cold treatment (cold showers lol) if you are really keen!

  • How does a warm up work when you've got minutes of rest between sets? I used to run before a strength session, but stopped as I figured after I've done my first sets with 2 or 3 mins rest between I'm basically cooled down.
    Now do lighter weight sets of the same exercise and similar movements totally unweighted.

  • Why minutes of rest?

  • I take 90 seconds

  • If you warm up properly, you shouldn't have cooled down within a few minutes. I personally prefer your second method of warming up with the exercise that you're doing, but at a lower weight. Although I'm struggling to do that with squatting at the moment because my mobility isn't what it used to be, so I have to incorporate a bit of stretching to loosen things up to hit a good bottom position - this should alleviate itself over time though I hope.

    It does bring me on to the observation that a lot of people take hefty rests between sets, and I reckon there is an advantage to trying to minimise rests to achieve a better training effect. Obviously if you're going for an absolute maximal effort, you want to get sufficient rest, but I'd wager that isn't the case for 90% of gym sessions.

    Either that or I'm just a sweaty git who tries to squeeze too much in.

    Edit: Especially with accessory stuff, it's easy to stack things in a way that not much rest is needed. EG I like to do: seated DB shoulder press into seated alternating DB curls, into wrist curls. While the wrist curls add a bit of pump to the bicep, I'm usually sufficiently rested to go almost straight back into shoulder press after. I do go quite red in the face/sweat a lot during this though - apparently to the disdain of some passers by.

  • I started off on stronglifts and haven't ever been interested in reading more around different lifts or more complicated workout routines, they recommend a lot of rest on that programme so I was sticking with it.

    I'll stick with lower weights and some bits of stretching between sets, sounds like it's no cause for concern.

    Am interested in taking less rest - can be frustrating spending the majority of my time in the gym twiddling thumbs.

  • Stronglifts is a powerlifting program designed to maximise your lifts with a goal of increasing a 1 rep max, in the context of powerlifting. Is this your goal? If not, I'd definitely try resting less for the sake of saving time in the gym. It'll be harder and it might have a slight effect on your top sets of the workout, but that might not actually be an issue for you - would you prefer to try and get those last few % of strength gains, or have a bit more time in the gym for other stuff, or just to get in and out quicker?

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Strength / Weight Training

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