Strength / Weight Training

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  • Yeah, just to clarify, I am an average sized cunt too.

  • Then you need shoes!!! Lol

  • It's why I stopped wearing gloves. My hands don't callous so do I really need them? Or those that have wrist straps... How weak is your grip?!? You don't look harder... You look weaker you imbecile.

  • imbicile


  • Same goes for wearing aero helmets on your Sunday ride etc...
    None of my business what people wear admittedly, but I am wondering on how wise it is to focus that much on the external factors while you are still in the novice stages with plenty of perfectly reachable goals right ahead of you.

  • It is a little bit comparable to buying a very expensive new road bike while carrying a good bit of lard.

    You rang?

  • Yeah, but the aero helmet is making that ride easier. If you're doing it for the fun of cycling rather than 'training' it seems to me that any free speed that doesn't compromise something else (ie. silly light racing tyres) makes sense.

    Gloves don't make the lift easier do they?
    I dunno I don't wear them, I altered my grip to prevent callouses.

    What about lifting shoes? Isn't it more a case of using the correct equipment for the job rather than causing issues down the line having only ever lifted in flip flops or steel cap boots or something?

  • I think shoes and belts are a must. I haven’t reached the point of needing straps yet.

    I only use shoes for squats. Converse work for everything else.

  • I never used gloves, proper shoes or a belt. But I was never lifting anything heavy so I don't know what impact it would have anyway. If I was to turn into a lifter I'd probably invest in proper shit.

  • Belt and shoes are very useful.

  • converse is uncomfortable. I do it barefoot.

  • I read an article about straps. And they said, if youre targeting traps, use straps.

    Ask yourself, which fails first. If its not the same answer, use straps. Target the muscle that's your target.

  • Oh hai!

    Wait... aren't you commuting on the cycling equivalent of a small tank? ;)

  • Personally I think you need to earn your right to use things like gloves or belts or straps. If you can pick up a dumbbell without the use of a strap or gloves, don't. Unless its vital from my point above.

    I haven't used belts in years. My biggest supporting item is actually joint straps. I am starting to get aching elbows so now I use elbow straps. I look like an absolute tool, but some ppl on here would agree.

  • hahahahaha - I can lie about my weight, cant I?

  • So do I look like a prick when I take my shoes off for my average deadlifts? Average sized cunt also.

    Also on the protein q a couple pages back, I use shakes without fail on weights days. Definitely feel like it helps.

  • The fat-tyred Inbred is parked. The Kinesis Res-erection is what I'm using at the moment. So it's heavy but I wouldn't go all the way to 'tank'. I was thinking more about the £££s of carbon that get taken outside a couple of days a year.

  • Are you gatekeeping a kind of shoe? It’s a pretty acceptable expense IMO for anyone - especially considering what people spend on any kind of gym wear, shoes or otherwise.
    Is there some right of passage before it’s ok? You wouldn’t bat an eyelid at someone spending £60 on shoes for something else.

  • But what if straps help them lift more and thus achieve a greater training effect? Who are we to judge their choices. There isn’t a hierarchy of good and bad in them gym, these places are judgement filled enough as it is.

    I’m playing devils advocate to a degree, and I’m definitely guilty of making judgments on strangers at the gym at times, but you’ve just gotta let people do their thing.

  • Fine... Its for me..

  • Not a prick, but I’m not a fan of the sweaty gym sock! Gym plimsoles are only a few quid after all, but in reality it really doesn’t matter.

  • But in other news, I pulled 170kg for a single today after not doing deadlifts for 5 years. Pretty happy with that.

    Even if I did use my fancy belt and shoes 🤣

  • Nicely done!

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Strength / Weight Training

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