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  • Speaking of which, does anyone here wear weight-lifter shoes?

    £40 seems low? Or non naff ones seem to be more.

    Suggestions on places to look? I've only really seen them on fleabay.

  • I have a pair. They came from amazon and are great. Style wise, I’m not sure I would wear them outside of the house. But they are super comfortable and do what they are supposed to. Do Win shoes are £56 on amazon now.

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  • Admittedly £40 is the absolute bare minimum, but I’ve definitely seen places shifting own brand shoes at that price.

    I’ve got a pair of Adipowers, should probably have got a pair of Romaleos to suit my wider feet. Was hard to get hold of a pair of anything back when I bought them tho. Much bigger selection available these days.

  • not sure why, but i like these... They make me LOL inside

  • Those shoes of mine are wide fitting.

  • I just bought a pair of Converse All Stars.

    The footbed is flat and doesn't raise the heel. £30 from eBay.

  • I have Converse too but proper shoes are best for squats

  • Just started back in the gym at work to build some strength and push back against old age after a decade and a half off, currently benching with a bar 95kgs less than my pb :(
    Trying to strengthen back is main objective. The seated row machine is currently broken, what’s a good alternative, gym has lots of free weights but quite limited on machines.

  • They don’t make a satisfying clap when you clean or snatch tho!

  • If you want to recreate something like a seated row with free weights, try SEAL rows. Stack a flat bench up so it’s a fair few inches higher than normal, lie prone on it and row dumbbells (or a barbell).

  • Cheers. Looks doable, don’t think the gym staff will be bothered about me stacking the bench up - they can be a bit overbearing at the

  • I doubt I'll ever buy another pair. The Adidas are fine and I bought them half a size up to account for extra width. Back then the Romaleos 1 were hard to get hold of with low production numbers and basically unknown (hard to imagine these days), and I think I got my Adidas before the Romaleos 2 came out in 2012 (eesh!).

  • I’ve read that the newer Adidas are not great but I have no personal contact with them to judge. New - 2017 2018 2019.

  • Yeah, and looking at how sought after Adipower 1s and Romaleos 1 and 2s are, it suggests its a common problem. Deffo regret not buying a pair of Nikes back then (I was considering it but was always too skint to justify a second pair of shoes).

    Weightlifting shoes in general seem to have a weird secondhand market - earlier models were in very limited supply and there is now quite a big demand. The old Asics go for £250 on ebay!

  • There are pro leagues that do that, there's one in Finland.

    Squat depth is atrocious though :/

  • You know when your phones listening to you

    Inside Britain's steroid problem: how the 'quick-fix' bodybuilder's drug went mainstream

  • Slightly off topic but I am now getting ads for weightlifting shoes randomly. And I haven’t searched for any.

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  • Illuminati confirmed!!!! :)

    But you can be tracked by Facebook even if you aren't on it, but some friends are. All sorts of messed up.

  • Before Christmas not sure I'd ever chin again (4 weeks break...eek)

    Scapular chinups (shoulderblades only), negatives and a break later, and just done two sets of 3 again. My partner is also regaining his chinups slowly after a 6 years weighlifting break.

    Negatives really do work.

  • All rather odd I thought. I’m not on FB. Thanks for the warning! lol

  • Cookies from other sides/searches can also cause this to pop up.

    I guess it is a step up from weight loss, diet and viagra ads :p

  • Lol. Oddly the only reference to Adidas shoes was here. I didn’t search or look at any.

  • I always stifle a small snigger when I see an average sized cunt with weightlifter shoes. Like, aren't there plenty of other areas to improve in your lifts before you get down to fine tuning your footwear?

  • It is a little bit comparable to buying a very expensive new road bike while carrying a good bit of lard.

    Diet/exercise is slow and not instant gratification though, so if somebody needs shoes or a biek to keep going and put the work in, who am I to judge?

  • They give me extra confidence when squatting. As Tesco says ‘every little helps’.
    That said, I’m an averaged sized cunt but not many people see my shoes in my garage.

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Strength / Weight Training

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