Strength / Weight Training

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  • Lol...

    Which chain you at?

    Bodybuilding gyms I think are grosser. I've been to some where I think the material is held together by sweat from Juiced up mother fuckers

  • The gym I use is at a certain climbing place in Tottenham... it’s nearly all bare feet in there but seems to be accepted. One of these days I’m gonna get staph on my eyelids from a yoga mat.

  • I'm up in Leeds, part of "The Gym Group". Never minded bodybuilding gyms as much, kinda like the grotty functionality - keeps the riffraff out and there's always something going on to keep you entertained. Plus the smaller size means that you find your place as a regular, rather than just being a faceless member constantly trying to get on a bench. Not so keen on the medical sharps bins in the bogs tho.

    Wasn't at the gym for long tonight, but there wasn't a bench free for the whole time I was there. Settled for some DB instead. Powercage and platform was empty at least!

  • Communal yoga mat? You better be slathering yourself in bleach when you get home.

  • Rather have the sharps bins than not. It is what it is. At least you know its not for crack.

  • Oh for sure, some poor sod ends up having to rescue them out the bog otherwise.

    Found myself reading the steroids subreddit last night. I have to admit I find the whole world fascinating (and in no way tempting). People in their early 20s railing these giant stacks, and then spending months on PCT trying to unfuck their blood work. Not to mention the absolute shit show of side effects they casually brush off.

    There also seems to be the attitude that “everyone” is on gear. Am I simply naive to the prevalence of this stuff, or is it a case of people normalising their use and thus assuming everyone is doing the same?

  • I'm at the Pure Gym in Leeds. Luckily my job is a mobile engineer with control over when I do the jobs.

    So I go at noon to which ever gym is closest. Even during the January rush I can always get straight on the cages and / or whichever bit of kit I need. It's one of the nicest aspects of my work.

  • I'm not likely heading back to the gym any time soon. Any good progressive body weight workout apps or books out there? I don't want to buy any stuff for home and I've been finding deadlifting bikes a little problematic.

  • Get a Pull-up Bar and check out athleanx on YouTube.

  • If I do good mornings and weighted back extensions on the same day... I am wondering if they are so close that they kind of cancel each other out?
    There is some more work for your hamstrings to do in the good mornings, but otherwise they feel very much the same.

  • They wouldn’t cancel each other out, you might find them harder doing them in the same session tho.

  • Interesting, cheers.
    Never really got reddit but I'll have a look.

  • Or it is normalised now...

    I go to a gymbox in the big smoke, and I swear, the change rooms show that most of the guys are on roids. And they're not powerlifters, or bodybuilders, or sportsmen in any sense of the word. They are cityworkers and wankersbanker so shouldn't be messing with the stuff.

    They are only doing it because they want to look good and have a sixpack and a bouncy chest. And theres a lot of staring and comparing. I really don't like it when everyone openly gawks.

  • Mark Lauren is worth a look.

  • Managed the big plates for bench today (60kg 5*5), chuffed to bits.

    Need to focus a little on my legs/back/posterior chain, tend to neglect it as it impacts running/cycling so much. Lifting around once a week at the moment and tend to just get 1 or 2 compounds in.

  • I have the books. They are good.

  • Anyone bother with protein shakes etc? Decided to try and up my protein uptake to see if it makes a noticeable difference. Picked up some PHD at Aldi as it was on offer, but I’m aware it may not be that fantastic.

  • Third Space is a proper roidy gym.

    Every other week, there was an older juicer roid-raging around.

  • I stick a scoop in the breakfast overnight oats and one in the Huel lunch shake just to push the macros up.

  • So are socks dirtier than bare feet , or shoes worn outside ?
    I left one gym when too many people were scratching their nuts deep inside grey baggy sweat pants then lifting .
    I draw the line at that .. always use the alcohol gel on way out too .

  • I feel like sweaty gym socks are sub optimal. But now you point it out, shoes aren’t much better.

  • Surely socks are unsafe! Unstable. Slidey. I saw someone do that at mine. T bar. My first thought was it must be uncomfortable...

  • Just seems daft to me, if you’re that keep to get the gains on your squat or whatever, just drop £40 on some cheap weightlifting shoes.

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Strength / Weight Training

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