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  • I’m not sure if there is anything specific in this, but maybe it’s worth having a look -

  • If not in the previous link, try here, but this is science and usually beyond my level of comprehension­ry/articles/

  • Had my first try at 5*3 60kg bench today (was excited about it cos its the big plates lol). Managed 3 sets but had to drop after that, and even then 57.5 felt impossible

  • Nice. It's a good feeling when you get to replace a bunch of small plates with big ones.
    How much rest were you taking?
    Do you have a spotter/rack pins, so your safe to attempt the last few reps?

    I had bench with 3x5 @69kg and 5 min rest between working sets this morning, so looking forward to the next session at 70kg and simplified plate math .

    Heavy deadlift 5@130kg.
    First try using wrist straps and took ages to get them in place. Over thought it all and just managed an inch off the floor. Tried again 5 minutes later and got the full set... roll on 140 in seven weeks time

  • 7 weeks? How come so long?

  • Today was day 2 of a three day split and I'm adding 2kg on the heavy deadlift. Training twice a week.

    May add light DL back into day 1 of the program again to get 2.5kg increases. Or try 3 sessions per week now I'm not doing long runs.

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  • Thanks. Not sure I understand that but, hey ho, as long as you do.

  • Tuesday evening session will be Day 3...
    Moderate Deadlift of 4 sets of 5 @85% of my previous Day 2 maximum

    Next Friday morning will be Day 1
    No Deadlift but chins

    Week Tuesday will be back to Day 2
    Heavy deadlift with +2kg

  • What programme are you following and what app is that?

  • Its just an Excel sheet that I created. I just need to update maximum weights (after completing days 2 or 3) and it works out weight. Dropdow boxes for percentages and coresponding weights are rounded to the nearest 0.5kg.

    My coach evolved the programme in november, to suit me getting stuck with the deadlift and press.

    Bench press to substitute for OHP for a workout

    OHP is either intensity, with 1kg increase on the last PB. Or Volume, which is nearly double the tonnage of the intensity day 😦

    Squats are based on how stressfull they are to the body 😕, a variation of heavy/light /medium. Whereby the heaviest weight is on the medium stress day, but not many work reps required.
    High stress days are fun. A managable weight with lots of reps and possibly a 5th set
    Low stress is saving something for the deadlift.

  • That’s a very aesthetic spreadsheet!

  • Thanks. There's a couple of hidden columns, with the numbers for the drop down lists and also tonnage just for occasional interest.

    Normally all the cells are locked, except for the drop downs and current maximums. So it's easy to update PBs after a session, or change percentage lifts if you're having a good or bad day. Without clumsy fingers deleting things by mistake 😬 been there!

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  • Decided to try training three days a week, (Sun, Tues, Fri) whilst keeping the same 3 day programme and seeing how I feel in a week or two. The extra weekly volume may help progress, or lack of recovery may slow it down.

    With my usual place not open on a sunday, that meant venturing to a new gym and a bit of trial and error finding suitable heights for the J cups and safeties. Day 2 session with Bench and heavy deadlift felt good, which I'm hoping isn't down to the Strength Shop plates being light 😕

  • I recently came across dumbbell plank and thought I might add it on as an accessory exercise on chest day. But I am finding it quite fiddly to do them right, so wondering if it is really worth it? I also do plank for every session and dumbbell rows for every chest day, so perhaps I should just stick to those and forget about the DB planks?

  • I’ve been out for 5 months now with a suspected ruptured disc. Tried the full canon of physio, chiropractor, acupuncture to no avail. The Dr has finally agreed to refer me for a mri scan and then my options are either cortisone injection or surgery. I am on a cocktail of gabopentin and muscle relaxants until then. Super frustrating that I can’t train.

  • Is that a plank for sure? Looks like a ‘renegade row’. If so, it’s just a variation of DB rows so keep it if you like it I guess. If you don’t, pie it. You can never do too much back work.

    @jv fingers crossed they can get it sorted. Always frustrating being out of action.

  • So... I've hurt my elbow doing presses of various types. I think it's outer tricep insertion point. Or tennis elbow. Fucking blows as I'm starting to get my weight back up. Any suggestions peeps? Other than hold up on the presses. Any remedial exercises perhaps?

  • Ah bugger. If the MRI shows a prolapsed / ruptured disc and surgery is possible, go for it. Best thing I ever did after 6 months of pain.... almost instant relief.

    Just a shame the NHS treatment pathways take so long until they refer you for an MRI.

    I got back to training after surgery. Took a long time to build my back up, I was very careful not to go too fast.... But back to lifting heavy now

  • I think the remedy for tennis elbow is rest. Bad news really.

  • Dumbbell flys.
    Upper body in incline vs horizontal?
    Please discuss.

  • Thanks, still waiting for the MRI (I am in Sweden so thought health care would be great but it hasn’t been so far).

    It’s definitely improving with time and I am back training again. I switched to front squat but it’s causing pain so I’ll quit them altogether. I’ve been doing the rack pull variant of the deadlift and it’s going well so far.

    Interesting you had the surgery, a lot of people say don’t do it if possible. I don’t know if I want to risk it tbh.

  • My prolapsed disc was cervical. so I was advised by my surgeon that risk was low. Tbh, for me it was a risk worth taking..... Think the risks may be different if it's a lumbar disc..... I'd imagine recovery to be more difficult too .

    See what your consultant says once you finally get an MRI, I'm sure they'll articulate any risks if they propose surgery

  • Getting back to this, what is everyone’s (or someone’s) typical chest and leg day routine?

    I don’t think I’m repping enough or lifting heavy enough to see fat loss and gains.

  • Hmmmm

    Thoughts.... Someone too lazy to Google? Or is it more specifically can't ask a more detailed question? I ponder that sometimes when someone poses that type question.

    What you think?

  • I just do bench and barbell row, 5x5

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Strength / Weight Training

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