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  • Hi,

    I hold my hands up to say I have made a mistake with a few items I have sold. I have since taken measures to make sure it won't happen again. All parties involved have been contacted and offered a reimbursement that they will hopefully be happy with, I've also apologised to them.

    Bicycle paint-work, bike building, detailing and spending time on this forum is something I really enjoy and have a passion for. I've been a member of this forum since 2011/12 and know a lot of you personally.

    If there's anything more I can do please let me know, open to constructive criticism.


    p.s the bottle on the last page is amazing, that's some quick photoshopping!

  • Aye, revision boredom, made for a nice break.

  • This sounds good.

    Can @MCamb confirm?

  • Do you actually paint any bikes or does your dad do all the paintwork!?

  • He has indeed PM'd, and kindly offered to keep a look out for a similar frame in way of an apology.

  • That Cervelo is really nice and seems to be well painted but that Swallow is properly gash. Did the same person paint them?

  • 1900:1 ratio?

    So 2 caps full, which looking at the picture, are about 5ml each so we'll call that 10ml. A standard size bucket is about 13litres which is 13000ml so that is a ratio of 1300:1. just over 2/3s of what you are claiming.

  • Well spotted!

    we work off a 20L (standard detailing size) bucket which is never quite full to the top so 19 litres, with 10ml of product.

    The bucket pictured is 13L and I only used the 1 cap. Post has been amended

  • A bit unnecessary. I find it a tad in poor taste to disrupt what is otherwise quite a professional thread with overdone and somewhat-childish reactions to a prolonged error on @JamesNQ 's behalf - to which it appears has been remedied somewhat.

  • Kind of have to agree. Do people not deserve a second chance?

  • ^ Agree
    @JamesNQ out of interest how much do you get in the bottle of shampoo? Say 1 cap for a bucket, but how many buckets will I get out of it?
    Always interested to try new things out

  • Yeah he got a second chance, then it turned out he mis represented the facts at that time, so essentially the good people gave him a second chance, which he shit on.

  • From what I gather: he was selling stuff on ebay that went for too little (by his reckoning), withheld the frame in a dubious manner, tried selling on again (potentially forgot about it), was spotted.
    Definitely dubious but nowhere near some of the shit that others perform on here.
    Additionally he does also actually add to the forum unlike the perpetrators above.
    Overall, This response seems overdone.

  • It's not really a thread though is it? This is just being used as free advertising space (as are similar No Quarter threads showing the exact same work and text copied and pasted across other cycling forums). The downside of this means idiots like myself can repost other peoples jokes 10 posts further down.

  • Admittedly, my post above was probably childish and unnecessary, but I will happily remain 'not adding to the forum' rather than spamming and ripping people off.

  • I never said this was a thread (I still believe it is) but...

    Don't want to start a feed a fire in James's thread but he posts elsewhere, this thread can be used to share tips ect. and I'm sure he would respond well to questions.

  • is this guy the same guy as Nowhere Fast? the melt with the fugly purple lopro from back in the day?

  • Fair enough. Image retracted.

  • Storck frameset finished!

    Flatted down and machine polished.

    Looking forward to seeing this built up!


  • no decals? could be mistaken for chinese crabonzz

  • @swedeee they wanted it gloss stealth! Oxymoron but I think it'll look fantastic once built.

    Some more frames in.. this time for powder-coating.

    Can't express how happy I am to be adding the finishing touch to these beautiful frames. All hand built in the UK, one at a time.

    Since these photographs the frames have been sanded down and decontaminated, ready for powder-coat.


  • One from a while ago! Specialized S-works frame stripped, powder-coated and lacquered in matte.

  • Who's the frame builder, looks ace. Looking for a tig frame at some point?

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No Quarter - the new guys in town

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