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  • Hi all,

    felt I've kept this under wraps a little..

    Before I give a proper introduction, a little about myself, I've spoken to many of you numerous times and I've been on here a while.. My name is James Langton, I'm 19 from Leicester. I found education extremely hard leaving with little to show for, but I've got a degree in the hard knocks.
    I've always had my own little businesses ever since a very young age, but I've always been trying to find something which combines the love of my bike and running my own business.

    On 31st March 2011, I received some investment money from my parents after convincing them I knew what I was doing, I didn't have a clue, just a dream in my head and a overly positive attitude.
    Soon after, I started No Quarter Bikes as a official business. I slipped, tripped and fell flat on my face, learning as I went along, but it was the only way. I wrote down exactly the services and products I wanted to offer, away I went. The plan was to do absolutely everything by hand, here in the UK. Britain has some of the finest craftsmen in the world and I went on the hunt for the best of the best.

    I've been working with professional riders, mechanics and engineers to produce some unique and tasteful goods which look cool, ride awesome and are the highest quality possible. I'm not technically or physically minded in alot of the services I offer, but I've put together an 'elite team' to get the best results.
    Originally starting out in my garage by myself, things have really picked up and I've just moved into a bigger premises where everything gets done in-house. I've taken on some new members of staff; wheel-builders, cycle mechanics, pin-stripers etc, each having over 20 years in the trade. We've got some seriously cool stuff coming up which I can't wait to release.

    Services we currently offer:

    . Paintwork (both powder-coat and 2k)
    . Wheel-building
    . Components (both road and track)

    Coming soon:

    . Custom frames (working directly with Reynold's at this moment, they are going to be unique each and every one)
    . Custom clothing (highest quality, nothing less)

    I've also got a few things which I've been working on for some time but mum's the word..


  • Hey! I follow you guys on Insta since like June; great stuff you're doing hope you guys become even more successful in the future. Massive fan of the work you're doing.

  • Best of luck.

    I'm not sure launching at almost 2am really capitalises on your market but hey ho.

  • James at noquarter painted my swinnerton and helped me source my parts for my first track bike build. Was a really nice experience as cheesy as it sounds lol

  • Best of luck with it. Great to start a business at 19 years old, too.

  • Thanks for the kind words chaps!

    Also offering free stickers out so if anyone wants any, I'm a PM away!

  • Good luck! Great logo, very good looking webshop.

  • Looks like a good ethos and aesthetic behind the brand. Fair play and best of luck.

  • Great looking site and company!

  • Only managed to get a few quick snaps as didn't have time to put it in the studio but here's one I made earlier!

    We've started using a new type of primer which is much more durable than anything else we've used before, perfect for keeping those chips away. iPhone pics so not the best..­/nqbikes123/898F1F44-0E45-410C-855B-241D­352BF73C-301-0000001C669C3084_zps40576fd­7.jpg

    Also purchased new guns this week which are fantastic and give a great consistency of paint. Absolutely no lumps or bumps plus air filters making sure no dust enters the paint.

    Jobs a good'un!


  • Diable,
    in all honesty you're probably better to go out and buy a black seatpost as it will be more durable than any aftermarket paint purely because it will be anodized.

    We usually do parts such as cranks and rims but we could do a seat-post for you for £10.


  • "I'm only 19 but my mind is old and when the things get for real my warm heart turns cold..."

  • Word up son, word..

  • How much to powder coat a Columbus air seat post in black?

    powder coat is thick yo, and the post probably wont fit in the frame afterwards.......

  • Diable, you can just get it anodized,email these guys for a quote or I hear JB metal finishers in maidenhead are cheap too.

    The store looks cool, respect for doing this at such a young age too. I'm only a year younger and wouldn't know where to start with something like this. Just followed you on Instagram as well, Good luck and I may need your services soon, pm will be coming shortly.

  • Until 12pm we've got 10% off all products, all you gotta do is enter NQFRI at the checkout.


  • Really nice work. I admire what youre doing and im sure ill be purchasing something from you in the future.

    By the way, I was just checking out the miche headset and both of the options say threaded but one is £4 more. Just a heads up :)

  • Thanks for the comments guys. After doing 200+ products it's not hard to make a few mistakes!


  • James,

    Good luck - I really admire what you're doing and I hope it takes off. I hope you don't kind a little criticism - your logo is instantly recognisable as someone else's. You may run into problems with this in the future and I'm sure you can come up with something better anyway.

  • Johnny,

    thanks for your criticism, I appreciate it. The original idea was mine all the way from a rough sketch. I've spoken to my designer and he's think I should be fine, but I'm going to look into it further.

    For those of you interested, I'm in the process of painting a rather special classic track frame. Expect bright colours and carbon..

    I will be posting the final build and a few during paint pictures on the Facebook page, but all the detailed shots on Instagram.­/nqbikes123/CF0FD550-204D-4E37-A6D4-6E1E­B9C698C6-1532-00000186725523CA_zps75ac14­50.jpg

  • ..

  • Frame sprayed in a very thin and durable etch primer and then coated in a 2pact primer (super secret ingredient added, making it bombproof) then sanded from 280-500 grit to get it super smooth. I then added the gold leaf using the special adhesive which has worked really well. Picture below is 1/2 done and I sadly didn't get any pictures after the final result, but I'll be updating each stage of the job on our Instagram.

    Got a few tricks up my sleeve for this one and I cannot wait for it to be built up.­/nqbikes123/E3126216-202C-4375-8C61-27E3­5762F67E-370-00000056D2D9AC4C_zpsaad1657­7.jpg


  • Wow a gold plated bike. that definitely chimes with the economic conditions i'm feeling.

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No Quarter - the new guys in town

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