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  • Lovely almost new 58cm red Specialized (seat changed to black) stollen last night at 11:15pm just outside LSE Passfield Halls. Would really appreciate any help locating and retrieving it. Just let me know asap if you spot it around!

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  • I had my Cannondale Synapse stolen in East Finchley on Saturday, 54cm frame, black&white 2015 model with Shimano dual pedals. I've reported it to the police and am bracing myself to fight with the insurance company, but thought I'd post here in case anyone sees any dodgy sales adverts for the same model on the internets.
    Bicycle thieves should be dipped in toffee, rolled in popcorn and left for the seagulls on Brighton beach. Then thrown into the sea.

  • @eskimojudi @user59079 this is the Manchester stolen bikes thread, we'll keep an eye out but you might have more luck posting here:­5/

  • Ohh, I missed that. Thanks for letting me know! :)

  • Happy to report this was located and retrieved.

  • My wife and I just had 4 of our bikes stolen from our backyard over the weekend, locked with multiple D-locks and cables. We live near the Christie hospital.

    1. Condor 2011 Lavoro 46cm, curved top tube and spec-ed out with omnium pedals, easton track ergo drop bars, velocity B43s
    2. Specialized Langster, stripped of its paint to raw aluminium, cutdown riser bars
    3. Wiellier Izoard, black and red colour. stock except for ladies Specialized saddle
    4. Marin Kentfield, grey colour. stock.

    Pictures below of the ones I have.
    The lavoro picture is before the change in Omnium pedals and Easton track bars

    Please keep an eye out and send me a PM/email if you spot any of them, or if you spot any dodgy sales online.


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  • Cotic from Salford today, please shout if seen.

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  • Please bike friends keep your eyes peeled. My friend's bike was stolen yesterday :( If you see it let me know. Calling couriers that are on the road the whole time xx

    the bike is from here

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  • Friend had a grey mango nicked from Stevenson Sq last week, seems like its heating up on the streets.

  • This looked dodgy. Outside Decathlon Eastlands yesterday

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  • Stolen bike!

    Keeps your eyes peeled, can't be many of these in Manchester built like this.

    If you see it lock it up and give me a shout.

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  • Anyone had a Cervelo S5 black/red, white logo stolen? GF spotted one being ridden by an unlikely male in Stretford about 4pm-ish today. No helmet, not dressed like a cyclist, clothes all black. At a guess medium or large bike.

  • Dentists don't wear black?

  • Riding deep crabon wheels through Stretford in black casual wear with no lights with low sun? Plus RLJ...

  • so much profiling...

  • Careful on the f'loop folks, one mugging one attempted mugging for bikes today... gorton end.­bid=2024451441113151&id=100006449431057

  • Please look out for these bike being sold on etc, not mine but a guy I know who lives near and works in MCR­bid=10158153838166760&id=610161759

  • Can’t see view the facebook link, but I’ve seen a couple of green arkoses on ebay recently

  • Ex club mates bike stolen if see on gumtree or owt please shout

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  • Hi guys,
    A few times I have found some quite good deals on used track bikes, and whenever I ask for the size they always ask me how tall I am. Them not knowing the size of an expensive bike they own seems quite suspicious. Is that a sign the bike was probably stolen? Also, is there anything else sketchy to look out for on websites like gumtree, shpock, fb marketplace...? Thanks.

  • STOLEN: Genesis CDA 20

    My Genesis CDA 20 was stolen from our balcony in Clapton On the 23rd at 03.30, while we (Me, my wife and our 2 week old son) where asleep inside the flat. (scary)
    I noticed the bike was gone once I woke up that the bike was gone. In the CCTV footage you can see three younger men. One entered the backyard by climbing a fence and letting his two culprits in.
    And from what it looks like they have some sort of angle grinder , because you can see sparks coming off the lock when the cut it off. The actually cutting of the lock took them less than 10 seconds. (Kryptonite...well done) They knew what they where doing and one of them must have been local.

    If anyone sees one of these being sold or spot one please let me know.
    I know its a long shot but worth a try.



    Please see details below:

    Baby blue Genesis CDA 20 frame
    Genesis branded Stem, wheels, seat, seat post and handlebars.
    Shimano Sora groups.
    Spd pedals.
    Panaracer gravel king tyers with tan sidewalls.
    Elite water bottle cages x2.
    Garmin bike computer mount on the handle bars.

    Frame has black electric tape on the fork where the break cables sit, and has rubber taped on the right chain stay. There is very distinct little paint chips on the top tube of the bike some clearly filled in with a baby blue marker.
    There is a white fleck of paint on the inside of the left chain stay. (from spilling paint on it.)
    Has one white cable tie holding the rear break cable in all the other ones are black.
    Has a small scratch on the right chain stay about halfway down it. The right hand side crank are is worn down to the metal just after the Sora logo.

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Stolen bikes

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