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  • So, another British World Champion - we've already had Shanaze Reade on the scene for a few years - Liam Phillips won the rainbow jumper in NZ overnight.

    Awesome discipline for learning bike handling basics, defo for kids & also adults alike. Sport is growing and elite results can only help that.

    Have been reading about the legacy projects in London, some great clubs developing youth engagement programmes around Peckham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, & Bow... hoping to pay a visit from oop north sometime to learn more about them - anyone on here involved?

    There's a couple of racers on here but maybe more lurking who race now or did when younger?

  • I helped out with the start-up of Hackney (though not involved any more). Some good tracks down here and hugely successful take-up by local kids.

    I used to race, though freestyled more. But still try to get a ride in, every now and again!

  • Thanks for posting the clip of Juan Carlos in the "other" thread. I haven't spoken to him yet, but speaking to his mum last night it looks really positive with lots of national news coverage alongside Mariana Pajon (she is very very famous in a Colombia). All lifting his profile which hopefully may lead to a bit of financial assistance as it has been a bit of a struggle so far. Next weekend they are planning road closures and an official welcome home and celebration in his neighbourhood in Medellin.

  • ^ Nice one, I'm not sure they'll close roads in Burnham on Sea or Manchester to welcome back Liam but here's hoping. P.s. Pajon was unfortunate in her final - great rider.

    ^^ cool, all the London bmx racing clubs sound like really good examples of grass-roots cycle sport. Some good riders coming through also e.g. Tre & Quillan.

  • Its good to see Liam come on through the juniors and eventually become world champ - It reminds me of the riders who were tearing up the scene in the early 90s like Dale Holmes, Jamie Staff ,Neal Wood and Dylan Clayton not to mention Martin and Steven Murray - Does anybody know what happened to Liam's sister Charlie? I know she used to race

  • New track in Peckham opening on Saturday­-track.html

    Liam did well. Kyle Evans is the one to watch for the future. Definitely a good stable of riders coming through.

    Further in the future watch out for Paddy Sharrock. W4 last week in NZ in 15s, making regular mains in Europe and the most stylish rider in the UK bar none.

  • ^^ I think Charlie is involved in Ultimatebmxparts ?

    ^ Hope the new track opening goes well...

    Kyle is next in line from a few good riders coming through as you say. They are benefiting from being as rigorous in training and prep as the other successful GB cycling disciplines, so have a good platform on which to build.

    Surely Curtis Manaton is proxy WC as he beat Liam at the last Platt Fields National on the Sunday - Liam and Grant (I think it was) tangled in the first corner - look how far ahead Curtis was by then though:

    Paddy should go far... that final in NZ was messy:

    Would have been nice to see Quillan defend his Junior title (as Felicia Stancil did for US, coached by Jamie Staff) but he is out following a pretty nasty crash earlier in the season. In a few years the GB Elite talent pool will be stacked.

    For the Women it'll be interesting to see how Abbie and Charlotte develop alongside Shanaze too, plus then those coming through the ranks also.


    Spoke to Juan last night as to be expected he is properly pleased,
    warming up for next year.

    Juan on the right with the rest of colombian winners at a press conference on their arrival back home.

  • Probably already been posted elsewhere, but Bob Haro will be making a personal appearance TODAY 5-7pm at Hackney BMX Track, ahead of his book-signing tomorrow. GOING.

  • Last club race of summer series up here today, 7 riders in 30+ slow 'uns. I was happy to emerge unscathed with 5 4 4 then 4 in the final.

    Bit of a shock for us all to realise we should all race Expert class next year with the fast'uns.

    Hope the link works Juan Carlos just became Latin American Junior champion.

  • Awesome. Tell Juan Carlos he should come to the UCI SX at Manchester next year (Easter weekend). He'd love the track, it's just been changed up to make the first SX jump bigger, remove the speedjump, and the wooden kicker used this year has been made unnecessary by an extension to that jump too.

    The GB riders love the changes and there're more to come with the 2nd straight being made into 2 bigger jumps I'm told (from 3) so Sam Willoughby can hopefully avoid a repeat of this:

  • I would appreciate more details on how to enter him although I suspect that priority will be given to the the worlds in holland, I really wish that I could help out more financially.

  • Will Columbia not send a squad of best riders over? Does he ride the 8m start hills yet?

  • I'm not sure how it works as historically it has been at his cost, but now he is officially on the Colombian squad so I guess it will depend if they are coming over to compete. Yes to the 8m starts, he is currently the under 21 Colombian champion which is pretty astounding for a 15 year old in my unbiased eyes:)

  • Hope they'll pay for him to come across then, sounds like he's doing really well!

    Here's article on the changes and short video of Liam riding the new first straight:­ngteam/article/gbr20130910-gb-cyclingtea­m-news-Great-Britain%E2%80%99s-BMX-train­ing-base-undergoes-track-changes-0

  • for coverage from Chula Vista SX 10.30pm our time. Might be able to watch the 1/8's before I hit the hay.

  • Juan Carlos has just had a great outing in the USA at the "Grands" in Oklahoma coming away with two firsts and a third, he really seems to have gained a huge amount of self belief.

  • ^ Will have to check them via laptop as it's awkward on phone....

    Was lucky enough to have Liam (in his rainbow jumper) + Abbie & Charlotte (academy riders) come and do a q&a with about 40 school pupils today before the kids raced this afternoon on the indoor track.

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BMX Racing

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