For Sale: "new" xb3 track frame 56cm size

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  • For sale two xb3 frames in 56cm size. Never ridden, in excellent condition with only little storage marks/scratches, original paint and stickers.


    190gbp each

    postage around Uk, Eu +25gbp

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  • Where .. the .. HELL .. do .. you .. get .. these .. frames?

  • still avaliable?

  • Do they have weird / proprietary threads etc?

  • available.
    25.0mm for seatpost
    english bb thread
    yes, odd size steerer

  • Pasport Velosipeda


  • Ctc?

  • 56cm square

  • Where .. the .. HELL .. do .. you .. get .. these .. frames?

    there are loads of them in russia. i mean NOS. stahanovist workers produced shitloads of these and they have been left to rot after the factory was shut down. a guy i know wanted to buy a batch and sell them (budapest) but i think he did not succeed..

  • Damn, I have GOT to go book a flight to Russia and by any chance; do you know how much they go for in Russia? (For the basic ones, nothing too special track frames)

  • don't have a clue. guy kept it from me as it was a "business plan" of his.. but he wanted to sell me one at ~£100. could be much less or just about there as back then we exchanged items for low prices.

    i can't imagine the treasures hidden in russia, though.. rossin pursuits, cinelli lasers, campag bits.. the pros had everything..

  • Russia does sound like the Promise Land for neglected track frames. Wish someone or a business gather up some frames in Russia and put them up for sell on the internet for the price their usual price.

  • well, rajahstan is in poland too (i once wanted to buy a cinelli frame he had on ebay but cannot remember his username from there) <<< aren't they the same person? :)

    btw poland has it's treasures too. the national team had rossins made for some event.. in fact, most of the countries that were part of the ussr have italian bikes hidden somewhere :D in hungary, we have legnanos and two cinelli tandems. only a few of those remain (i'm sure there are a lot more as they don't just break) go to via google translate and search for legnano and cinelli if you are interested in the story behind them. apart from those there were a few local builders (i think my track frame came from one of them) that built very good quality frames for the teams back in the days

  • Yo i live in Russia and there are dozens of these frames, and its HVZ not xb3 if someone is interested in these can get you some, or even some "Samoilov" lo-pro frames (just google it) open for sell and trade

  • ^ Duudeee, you ever in London; i might just be interested in some USSR frames.

  • What about this

  • advertised elswhere now

  • he's polish, warsaw iirc and a good guy. bought i think already three items with no probs.

  • yes i know he is polish, i bought 3 weeks ago that another xb3 frame damaged!
    "only little storage marks/scratches" but there was big dent on downtube :(
    And not from the courier..
    I ask nicely to send another frame or some refund..
    But but...

  • the frame was exactly described as above: "only little storage marks/scratches", thats correct, and yes You have received the frame with a downtube dent which is not my fault and which im very sorry about . Thats my another apologise to You on the wall here. Thats courier fault or somebody who fucked it up on the way. i m packing frames with much care always but everybody knows how they treat the packages thru all the post offices/airports/customs. Shit happens. Take notice one more time, i wouldnt sell the damaged frame!!! I have told You this! I m here on the forum and i m true person. Vilperi i have told You few times that i will send You refund, we have swap few emails about it, i was away in Greece for last 3 weeks, i have promised You i will sort it out when i get back and i told You i m waiting to get some funds by this tuesday to send the refund but You dont listen to me! dont be silly and dont tell me things that arent true!.. Do anybody knows some more about Vilper? i dont give a fuck..

  • well I wouldn`t change the tube because the frames are made of harkov tubes which are nothing fancy and putting that much money in a frame like that would be absurd. Just ask him for the other frame

  • BTW these frames go for ~80gbp average in Latvia, which means that in Russia they go for beans if anything.

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For Sale: "new" xb3 track frame 56cm size

Posted by Avatar for rajahstan @rajahstan